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1/7/2019 8:11 PM
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Some exciting facts about Final Fantasy XV that many gamers may not know

Not many games in the world can make players as excited as Final Fantasy series. With hundreds of hours of play time, Final Fantasy XV is definitely a game that challenges the patience of those who dare to step into the world of its giant sandbox. Whether you have played this game or not, these are some interesting facts about it that you may not know. 

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Simple tutorial

One of the first things that often appear in gamers’ minds when experiencing a game in the Final Fantasy series is the basic tutorial at the beginning of the game, right? This is quite an interesting part which gives a complete instruction for new players. However, unlike other games, the tutorial of Final Fantasy XV has changed a bit. It is not related to the main storyline but provides a tutorial option with highlights throughout the game. If you have ever completed all the chapters of this game and now want to experience them again, the tutorial is a really useful tool that can help you "fast forward" to any chapter you want.


The character must sleep to level up

One of the most featured elements of role-playing games is that you can only upgrade your characters by using experience points. You often gain experience points by performing familiar tasks like destroying enemies and completing tasks - although this can get boring. However, upgrading characters in Final Fantasy XV are a little different from what you are used to. Your character still has to fight against the enemy to level up but what you have to do first if you want to upgrade a character is let him rest in a hotel or camp.

Experience the open world right from the beginning of the game

Right from the start of the game, you will be instantly taken to the open world with areas where you can comfortably explore. Players can explore the world and the open regions, find secrets for performing side quests or hunt. The world is completely open for you to freely explore without any obstacles.

A strange but familiar combat system

Developers have got ideas from other familiar titles to make a difference in sword fights and gunfights in Final Fantasy XV. We will experience battles in a whole new way, unlike any game in the series. The fights are fast and extremely attractive by offering the ability to switch weapons while fighting, which will bring more interesting things and challenges as well. But do not worry, Final Fantasy XV is not as difficult as some hardcore action games that require precise skills to destroy the enemy; so you can still fully experience the game without having to skip any chapters.


Magic is no longer associated with Magic Point

Magic is no longer associated with Magic Point as before. Final Fantasy XV does not use the concept of magic as you did before; instead, players will have to equip magic like the way you equip a new weapon to use in battle. But first, you must create spells from energy elements, which can be found in crystals. Sounds interesting, right?

Ascension Grid

The upgrading system in Final Fantasy XV is called Ascension Grid. Upgrading characters is the straightforward way to help them change skills quickly according to the battle situation. New skills can be learned by using Ability Point, which can be gained through matches and many other missions throughout the game. Each character will have a separate Ascension Grid to optimize their skills.

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Active Cross Battle

AXB or Active Cross Battle refers to the battle system in Final Fantasy XV. A list of skills, such as attack spells, will be attached to a button for quick use during the battle. If you want to win, the most important thing you need to know and remember is the enemy's weakness so that you can attack it. There is also a button for the move function, and when you press it, the character will perform that action.


Summon (Astral) in Final Fantasy XV is different from any previous Final Fantasy game because of some new elements. For example, Astra is sorted by character class and broken down into a ranking system before the character can be summoned. To summon an Astral, the player must first defeat it or find it in some way. Summoning also depends on the environment; for example, Leviathan needs a large area to summon. Not to mention, Leviathan can only be summoned if there is water nearby.



Final Fantasy XV offers more than 100 hours of gameplay, which includes not only the main tasks but also all side quests throughout the game experience. While playing this game, you can freely go and search and explore the world quickly or slowly as you wish. Enjoy in your own way because it is a long journey!

Side Quests

Final Fantasy XV has more than 200 side quests - a really impressive number. Although we cannot know in detail all the quests, we obviously have to spend a lot of time exploring the open world in Final Fantasy XV.

Death Spell

Death Spell is actually not a good way to defeat other enemies in Final Fantasy XV. Death Spell literally means death in which Noctis will drain the life out of the enemy, causing them to die instantly. This is a good way to quickly eliminate monsters that are outside your attack range without much effort.

We have just introduced you to some exciting facts about Final Fantasy XV. Did you know all of them? If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with us. Visit Top1 apk downloader - best online site to download Android games to download this game and enjoy. Have fun!


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