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7/1/2017 7:17 PM

Hi, I recently came from Germany to Atlanta and I will stay here for the rest of the year. I'm a hobby rider with 15 years MX experience including racing, been riding a RM-Z 250 for the last 6 years.

Of course I want to ride also here around Atlanta this summer. So I found Bremen, Highland Park, Scrubndirt, Durhamtown and Aonia. However, I do not have a MX bike over here since I don't have a private garage, tools, car and trailer and I can't afford all these right now. Additionally, so far I don't know anybody in the MX scene over here who maybe would support me in that.

So there are bike rental offered at Highland Park and Durhamtown only. What are your experiences with those rental bikes? I'm wondering why they do not list 250f models - do they really not have any? At Highland Park it seems they only have enduro bikes with PDS except for the 250XC as the only model with linkage (are the European SX models called XC in the US??). Well, I don't feel comfortable on a 250 2stroke but I could handle it... Same with the 450F at Durhamtown! What I'm most concerned beside the big engines is how are suspension settings set? Would they set preload if I told them my rider weight at reservation or could I at least set it up on my own with given tools? What are the tires on those bikes and how often do they replace them?

Given the price of some $200 per day plus $500 deposit I also wanna ask if anybody here is willing to offer me his/her bike for the same conditions? I can offer from my side to fully support you in maintenance and cleaning after the ride, purchasing and changing my own tires, air filters, oil filter, oil changes, chain etc. I can also offer to do suspension maintenance, have done that on my RMZ 250. Maintenance is what I loved doing when not at the track. It's just the missing environment that prevents me purchasing my own bike.

PS: Complete MX wear I have already purchased. Ready to ride! devil


7/1/2017 7:20 PM

if you can wait until February of next year you'll find some great deals on factory bikes on craigslist...


7/1/2017 7:38 PM

Can't comment on Durhamtown but Highland Park takes care of their rentals. Theyll help you set the sag, however the suspension isn't going to be resprung/valved for you. Pretty sure they leave the stock springs and shims in them

Since you're planning on riding more than once, it wouldn't hurt to ask about a discount for renting x number of times. Don't see them cutting any, but you never know.

However it might make more sense finically to buy a bike. Trailers are cheap and can be resold for what you paid. A used bike can also be resold for close to what you paid. I'm pretty sure Durhamtown offers bike storage, and you could ask highland park about it.

Btw I'm pretty sure Aonia is closed now other than special races.

Where exactly are you going to be staying? No tracks in Atlanta, and the ones you listed are pretty far apart. Highland Park is about 45 minutes from me. Last time I went to Aonia it took me the better part of a day.
Bremen is closed and has been for a long time.

Vital is a great forum, but you might wanna head over to georgiaoffroad.com to get some info about riding here. Not real active, but the owner of highland park hangs out there.


7/2/2017 1:29 PM

Thanks for reply! Yes I meant the sag, I didnt expect the spring and shims to be changed.

Sure I also see the costs for bike would be lower when I would buy one especially when taking the reselling into account, but then I still have no place to store it, no car no trailer no tools. That all I cant afford as long as I'm here. But your hint with bike storage at the tracks is great, I definitely have to check that!

I'm staying directly in downtown Atlanta until December.


7/2/2017 3:13 PM

I hate to squash your hopes and dreams here, but how do you even plan on getting to a track without a vehicle? I don't think uber is gonna drive you that far.

Honestly buddy, I think you're only hope is for some kind soul to pick you up, take you to a track, and let you borrow their bike. And I just don't see that happening. No offense, but I'm not about to meet a random dude off vital and let him ride my bike.

IMHO if buying a car/truck is out of the question, just enjoy what's in Atlanta. You can go to stone mountain, Clairmont inn, one of the malls down there has some cool stuff. Airsoft, slot cars, mystery room. Go to netherlands for halloween. Hit up comic con. There's a paintball place somewhere down in town, called doserworks I think. Cnn does tours. Go watch a game at georgia tech.
Lots to do that isn't moto.