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misterwaterfallin misterwaterfallin
9/24/2019 7:23 PM

Josh has been putting a lot of time in on the bike in addition to his usual antics. A SX comeback would be cool

If the embed gets cut off, his quote was: “

Been putting in work to try and be competitive again. Loving the process more than ever.”

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BigDaddyG BigDaddyG
9/24/2019 7:26 PM

I’d take Josh over Justin.

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just James just James
9/24/2019 7:32 PM

Drop back and punt?
I don't think either of them are serious about putting in the work, and getting results.
Both of them are amazingly talented though.

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rehan53 rehan53
9/24/2019 7:37 PM

Justin. Peak Josh Hill was 10-12 years ago. I’m hoping we haven’t seen Peak Justin yet.

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Wells423 Wells423
9/24/2019 7:40 PM

Neither deserve a factory ride

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Ramrod Ramrod
9/24/2019 8:02 PM

Very naturally talented brothers at riding bikes. Grinders like an RC type person, no.

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gnarwhip gnarwhip
9/24/2019 8:12 PM

Cool post bro. Justin just won a championship with Mitch, and Josh hasn’t put in a full day on a supercross track in 10 years.

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Dirtydeeds Dirtydeeds
9/24/2019 8:19 PM
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jemcee jemcee
9/24/2019 8:57 PM

Yeah I dunno about paying either of them but I remember a video of Josh in the pre season of his last serious year maybe..
Anyway it was the fastest I've ever seen anyone look on a SX track! Now I'm not saying he was the fastest but he 'looked' the fastest.. and gotta mention he looks fucken fast in that insta clip.. 'looks'

why am I reading this? ..... Oh christ, now I'm posting...... shiiiiiiiit!!

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Lloydcarter Lloydcarter
9/24/2019 9:10 PM
BigDaddyG wrote:

I’d take Josh over Justin. ...more


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Helda Helda
9/24/2019 9:39 PM
gnarwhip wrote:

Cool post bro. Justin just ...more

Try again bra.

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Jeff_Crutcher Jeff_Crutcher
9/25/2019 3:44 AM

JMB and the dogger.

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Payup_199 Payup_199
9/25/2019 5:22 AM

Josh is doing some of the off season over seas races.

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snackfedbear snackfedbear
9/25/2019 5:24 AM

Regardless of the negativity dude was hauling balls in that video dear lord. But did anyone else notice his bike sounded raspy as hell?

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zippytech zippytech
9/25/2019 5:46 AM

I don't know how any one can say some one is hauling balls in a video with just one guy in it. No, he did not look slow but with out some one else to compare to it's hard to judge.

Besides lots of guys can go fast for one lap. it's the damn 20 laps that ruins it for almost every one.

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wicksy85 wicksy85
9/25/2019 6:04 AM

I heard Josh is doing the last few rounds of the Aussie SX series with CDR so most likely getting in shape for that

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Conkey Conkey
9/25/2019 7:26 AM

If I had a shit ton of money to waste, I'd hire Josh to run the SX season. Shit, I'd hire Hansen as well. Both of those guys are not TOO far off the fitness level needed if they put the time in. They're already more naturally talented than most of the guys out there either doing it on their own or some of the semi's.

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Tarz483 Tarz483
9/25/2019 8:02 AM
Conkey wrote:

If I had a shit ton of ...more

If I Had the Money to waste, I would Run a whole B Series supercross, with massive , prize money
And hopefully draw a Lot guys like the ones mentioned and
A lot more that are Great riders, that for whatever reason , Conditioning, money , fitness.
Dont want to run the AMA SX series,
I'd make it a more Fun race, With 15 lap Main in 450.
And 10 lap 250.

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