Hero 7 Black vs. Hero 7 Silver

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11/23/2018 11:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/23/2018 11:33 AM

Does anyone have a preference between the two cameras? Is the black worth the extra jingle? I have watched a bunch of comparison videos and read all kinds of different reviews....and finding various opinions, none of which are consistent with each other. The Black is an additional $130 bucks, and it really only looks like the advantage, for me, is the better frame rate for slow motion....In other words, I will be able to watch my yard sales in 60FPS.

Go Pro has them on sale at the moment $400 for the black with some extras, and $230 for the silver.

Edit: I have also read some good reviews on the Hero 5 black. I am just so clueless with cameras, it makes it a tough decision.


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11/23/2018 11:42 AM

If you plan on doing POV video while riding, hands down go with the hero 7 black. The hyper smooth video is like having a gimble.


11/23/2018 11:56 AM

Definitely get the Black. Has hypersmooth capabilities, a removable lens protector, and changeable battery. Basically, the Black is WELL worth the extra money.


11/23/2018 12:37 PM

PJ205 wrote:

Definitely get the Black. Has hypersmooth capabilities, a removable lens protector, and changeable battery. Basically, the ...more

That was kind of my thought. The lens protector seems like a biggie for moto.


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11/23/2018 2:49 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/23/2018 2:50 PM

The biggest thing for me would be the removable battery. When the battery goes in the Silver, the camera is basically rendered useless. As far as the lens protector, you can always get the Super Suit for extra all-around protection. I actually highly suggest getting one for moto. It might mess with the sound a little bit, but the protection from roost is worth it to me.



11/23/2018 5:23 PM


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11/23/2018 5:45 PM

Best Buy has a special on the black today...... $399 and you get a chesty strap, memory card, and extra battery for free.

Almost tempted to buy a second one for more angles for when i edit.... i like it so much.

Black all day no questions, would not even consider a silver


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11/25/2018 6:51 AM

I asked myself the same question but went with the BLACK and i'm VERY happy i did. The hypersmooth is SICK. If you're not using it for moto, i guess the white or the silver isn't a bad option, but DEF the BLACK for Moto. I also bought this outter housing off ebay for $11.00 shipped and its legit instead of $49.99 from GoPro.



11/25/2018 7:18 AM

Thanks for the help guys, I went with the black.


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