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Robgvx Robgvx
6/4/2018 3:25 AM


(Can someone embed please?)

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Sideways Sideways
6/4/2018 3:28 AM

Upload his pass in the 2nd moto too. That was pretty spectacular aswell. His corner speed is insane

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Jefro98 Jefro98
6/4/2018 3:32 AM
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Jefro98 Jefro98
6/4/2018 3:34 AM
Robgvx wrote:



On Youtube there is a button to make the embed Rob. smile

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motomike137 motomike137
6/4/2018 3:35 AM

Herlings aint playing around.

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Andy_Greenney Andy_Greenney
6/4/2018 3:37 AM

Not hanging around

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Poppanator Poppanator
6/4/2018 3:43 AM

That cornering might be the most jaw-dropping thing I’ve ever seen on a motocross track. Kenny had some awesome feet-on-the-pegs-rut-railing-moments at Spring Creek in ‘16, but this was something else. Pure art!

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Robgvx Robgvx
6/4/2018 4:01 AM
Jefro98 wrote:

On Youtube there is a ...more

Not from my phone...

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thrillbillie91 thrillbillie91
6/4/2018 4:07 AM
(started it a bit early)

herlings was better after watching it again smile
look how busy it was for the nations!
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holtergeist797 holtergeist797
6/4/2018 4:23 AM

so what was the pass by herlings that pulp mx was talking about that caroli was pissed at herlings for, for being too aggressive. surely it’s not the inside pass on the left hand sweeper when herlings took the line away on the last lap of the second moto is it?? or did something else happen. those guys made it sound like caroli went down

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rawmetalmedia rawmetalmedia
6/4/2018 4:26 AM
holtergeist797 wrote:

so what was the pass by ...more,20/Herlings-takes-out-Cairoli,1341049

Titanium reinforced throttle wrist since 18/05 2007

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cappelmans cappelmans
6/4/2018 8:52 AM

It reminded me of the pass Everts made on Stewart. I believe it was on the same track.

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keinz keinz
6/4/2018 8:57 AM
thrillbillie91 wrote:
(started it a bit ...more

Much better

Power is nothing without control

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mx196 mx196
6/4/2018 9:02 AM
Jefro98 wrote:

Unreal. Plus the only reason he had to sit leaving the corner was because his foot scraped the ground.

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