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11/23/2018 7:40 AM

This Question is Just a freindly Competition
, Who Do You think will Do Better on there New Suzuki
In The 2019 SX Series

Hep Suzuki Riders

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11/23/2018 8:08 AM

Barring injury the choice is pretty obvious.


11/23/2018 11:19 AM

I Dunno , Man it Seemed to me Like Adam was improving
And has been for the last couple years , And A Ray though probably faster still has some ups and downs it seems ,
But Hopefully A Ray meshes well with The Suzuki's
, i Always Thought he was Faster on That Husky 450
Before Getting the offer to Ride the Yamaha
So since the Suzuki's are known to Corner great , hopefully that will be more similar to the Husky


11/23/2018 11:26 AM

The one that doesn’t drive a Honda Ridgeline