Hard Enduro Training with Geoff Aaron at MotoVentures

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1/2/2019 9:24 AM

This is the second time MotoVentures has offered Hard Enduro training by Geoff Aaron, 10X AMA National Trials Champion and currently ranked 5th in the AMA National Endurocross Series. For this training Geoff will be assisted by Andre LaPlante from MotoVentures. Students must use their own bikes for this class, but as a bonus only available with MotoVentures, due to our connection with Gas Gas Motorcycles NA, we will be riding the latest XCs, EXCs, and TXT trials bikes with demo rides available to anyone interested.

This course is designed for Level 3 riders looking for the instruction and practice needed to take their Hard Enduro skills to the next level. In this 5-hour course Geoff will teach you how to properly position your body when standing, how to make tight turns by counterbalancing, how to make a technical wheelie and how to hop the rear tire too, how to ride over logs and earth mover tires, how to read terrain and select the best lines, and how to climb by using trials techniques like the Roll-Up, Double Blip, Zap, and Splatter.

This class will take place at MotoVentures' private 350-acre Rider Training Center near Cahuilla Creek Motocross track. Participation is limited to just 20 riders and requires a reservation in advance. Reserve your place today.

Cost: $195 per person

Date: Friday January 25, 2019 Photo