Hand/wrist protection (any dentists ride?)

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9/4/2017 6:37 AM

Alright, I'm in dental school with only a year left, so I know it's stupid to ride at this time. I'm just going crazy though not being able to ride, so I bought another bike. Every time I ride, hurting my hands is always on my mind. Im also in the army, so another thing to worry about as they pay for my school. I feel like there won't ever be a time though that I can afford to get hurt, so I decided that I'm just going to continue to ride anyway haha.

So my question is, what are you guys using to keep from getting injured? I saw the mobius x8 wrist braces and was thinking about trying them. Seems it'd protect my wrists in case I OJ. Little pricy though. Any suggestions, or other braces you've liked?


9/4/2017 6:44 AM

I would not risk it my friend, if your income is on the line, imo, you shouldn't risk that for a hobby.


9/4/2017 6:54 AM

deadlo wrote:

Alright, I'm in dental school with only a year left, so I know it's stupid to ride at this time. I'm just going crazy though ...more

Buy disability coverage now. Northwestern Mutual, Mass mutual, and guardian offer a good contract. They also allow you to get about $5k/mo of protection without income qualifications. This way if you get hurt while in school you have some protection.


9/4/2017 7:03 AM

All sports dynamic wrist brace, they are pretty good. Had mine for 5 years and still going strong. Though the möbius one you speak about does look really good.

There isn't really a huge choice in terms of wrist braces, most of them are just supports


9/4/2017 7:11 AM

Definitely All sports dynamics. Have had mine for years and I have weak wrists to begin with. Call and speak with Gary. Awesome people to deal with. Won't ever ride without mine


9/4/2017 7:24 AM

My brother rode through dental school and for the last 2 decades after graduating. Definitely get short term disability insurance once you are out of school.


Motocross....a once in a lifetime experience....every weekend.

9/4/2017 7:26 AM

Anyone try all sports and the mobius? I like how the mobius doesn't wrap your palm and is a little cheaper, but if the allsport is much better then it'll be worth the extra money.

Thanks for the replies guys!


9/4/2017 8:16 AM

I crashed 5 weeks and tore up my pinky finger (12 stitches and a crush bone) and not a scratch anywhere else on me...it got caught between the grip, brake lever and ground. Let me tell you I never realized how critical that finger was to my hand!!

Besides the wrist protection, your fingers are equally important...while I haven't completely figure out the best way to protect my hands I am starting by buying the best gloves out there with extra protection on the top and hand guards.

Curious to hear what else guys are doing that is effective...


9/4/2017 8:52 AM

Notable dentists that raced

The king of Carlsbad,Gerrit wolnsink (sp?)

And Stevie childers from near Charleston, wv.

I believe he won a couple titles at LLs, and was a fast upcoming pro. He actually beat mike brown in a heads up race at muddy creek.

He decided not to pursue the MX career and went to dental school.
Still hits mega and ultra series races every once in a while in the age classes.


9/4/2017 9:22 AM

I'm not a dentist, but I have a bad left wrist from years of skateboarding, the TLD wrist brace works great. I tried on an allsports brace but it wasn't any more helpful than my trusty old $35 TLD brace and some athletic tape.



9/4/2017 9:28 PM

Yes, I am a dentist. And I do ride. I ride mostly offroad stuff now, occasional moto just for fun. I am a firm believer in doing what makes you happy in life. Not to sound too morbid, but, you never know when it's your time. Anything can happen in life and change it in an instant. Now, I do ride a lot smarter than I used to. I've had to accept the fact that I will never be more than a B level rider, (A level for VERY brief moments)...and I'm ok with that. I don't ride over my head. I don't race any moto, only ride for fun. Although, I do still race harescrambles. It is much more laid back. When I get tired..I make sure I back it way down. Don't want to make stupid mistakes while you're exhausted. Make sure you master the tuck and roll method of crashing, keeping your hands clear of danger. I do ride with hand guards...not wrap around. No wrist guards though. Gotta make sure I tape my hands now as I have baby soft dentist hands without a lot of callouses. Any questions feel free to message me man. Thanks for your service...and congrats on being almost done with dental school. Best of luck with boards and all that coming up.


9/4/2017 9:30 PM

Own occupation disability insurance policy. Buy one now for 6800/mo or whatever your cap is as a student. Increase it 3 months after you get out to the max. I'm an ER doc and I carry a large policy for just this reason.


9/5/2017 4:57 AM

Anyone ever wrap their wrists with tape or anything?


9/5/2017 5:05 AM

I'd go with the mobius


9/5/2017 8:39 AM

nascarnate326 wrote:

Anyone ever wrap their wrists with tape or anything?

I tape my left wrist. I buy big packs of athletic tape and underwrap at the sporting goods stores. For a while my left wrist was my "yellow canary" for good suspension setup. But since I am getting older (dammit) I need to tape pretty much all the time now.


9/5/2017 8:50 AM

deadlo wrote:

Anyone try all sports and the mobius? I like how the mobius doesn't wrap your palm and is a little cheaper, but if the ...more

I've been riding with the Mobius lately (only thing that got me through the 450 Shootout after I crashed and displaced some bones in my wrist on one of our test days) I actually prefer it over the All-Sports, for me at least...


9/5/2017 9:17 AM

Thanks for all the help guys! I'm definitely going to continue riding. I think I'm going to try the mobius braces out. If nothing else at least it'll ease my mind a little.


9/5/2017 11:04 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/5/2017 11:35 AM

My Opinion

MX Wrist Brace = Placebo. If mentally it makes you feel better then wear one. They might give some support, but in no way are they going to prevent a break etc.. I got an Allsport after SHATTERING my wrist and tossed it after 2 days of moto.


9/5/2017 4:00 PM

Hope they actually work lol, just ordered two mobius braces.


9/5/2017 4:05 PM

A successful dental practice is almost like having a license to print money. Holding off on riding for a few years to finish school and get established could open up years of being able to do just about anything you want to do in a very short time.

As others have said, get the disability insurance........


9/5/2017 5:13 PM

I am suffering from gingivitis, bad breath and tooth discoloration.

What toothpaste would you recommend?


9/5/2017 5:19 PM

Mac Lesggy just took his shirt off.


9/5/2017 5:31 PM

Get a go cart 2 stroke


9/5/2017 6:40 PM

I've got a mobius wrist brace, just getting back after a partial wrist fusion early this year, it works great.
Couldn't ride with out it. It has great adjustability and isn't restrictive at all. That being said, for preventing injury the all sport is probably better, although I've seen people break there arms because of them. Forearms or wrists something has to give.


9/5/2017 9:32 PM

I'm a dentist and I go riding with a couple endodontists and a periodontist in my area. One of the endodontists used to be a factory yamaha offroad racer back in his day.

I stopped racing in dental school when I came up short on a triple and dissected a vertebral artery from the whiplash, but I still make it out to cauhilla or pala every other month or so.

I try to be as careful as possible, and never ride outside my comfort zone. But I did just take a nasty crash at snow summit last weekend, when I came over a jump to a downed rider. Ran right into him and ended up with a concussion and a severely bruised hip. Still made it to the office today though, and while I will probably give myself a month or so to recover from the concussion ill be back out. The though of being millions in debt definitely crosses my mind every time I get on the bike, but that thought is gone and replaced with a big smile when I'm done.


9/5/2017 10:39 PM

Wear road racing gloves. You'll look like a fool though. There's some in between models that are still padded and have carbon cups to protect your knuckles without having the complete leather road racing look.


9/5/2017 11:00 PM

I quit for over a year when I got my FD job. I don't think I rode from mid June of one year until probably the fall the next year. I wanted to get through the academy and my probation. I wouldn't risk it OP. It seems like finishing dental school should be a priority. A month before I went into the academy I had a surprise front end wash out at Indian Dunes and landed on my left side. I thought I broke my ribs. That was the last time I rode for a while.


The older I get, the faster I was.

9/6/2017 2:29 AM

Brad460 wrote:

I crashed 5 weeks and tore up my pinky finger (12 stitches and a crush bone) and not a scratch anywhere else on me...it got ...more

I agree makes 2 in the pink 1 in the stink much harder