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Shaned9326 Shaned9326
4/26/2018 5:07 PM
crusty_xx wrote:

Herlings vs Roczen vs ...more

I’ll be there screaming for USA FO Sure!!!

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2smokertillend 2smokertillend
4/26/2018 5:18 PM

If it’s the best ever, I’m going with 1982 Magoo for the win, win, win,and win !!!

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Sully Sully
4/26/2018 5:19 PM

86, 87 and 96 for me. And the biggest reason for all three is the 125s. Johnny O' smokes everyone but Bailey, Hannah rides one for the first time in 10 years, and Lamson smokes the entire field – including Emig and McGrath.

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1-forty-8 1-forty-8
4/26/2018 6:23 PM

06 has to be the best ever.. Everts vs Stewart in a one time only deal?

And check out how stacked the 250 class was that year!

And it was the best ever, in my opinion, despite RC being hurt for it..

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queen of spodes queen of spodes
4/26/2018 8:00 PM
Sully wrote:

86, 87 and 96 for me. And ...more

'87 was special. Loved to see Hannah out there on the RM125 he probably hated riding to begin with. Wardy on the 500 too. Muddy race.

Ride like a girl!!!
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Harv379 Harv379
4/26/2018 8:54 PM

Chalk another one up for 07'. RV's ride on that des nations kx250f was unlike anything else.
Incase anyone forgot about that day that made history:


MOTO 1: MX1 + MX2
1-Ryan Villopoto (USA)
2-Chad Reed (AUS)
3-Ricky Carmichael (USA)
4-Sebastien Pourcel (FRA)
5-Jonathan Barragan (ESP)
6-David Philippaerts (ITA)
7-Tanel Leok (EST)
8-Steve Ramon (BEL)
9-Tommy Searle (GBR)
10-Nicolas Aubin FRA)

1-Ryan Villopoto (USA)
2-Ken De Dycker (BEL)
3-Tommy Searle (GBR)
4-Tim Ferry (USA)
5-Pierre Renet (FRA)
6-Nicolas Aubin (FRA)
7-Carlos Campano (ESP)
8-Yoshitaka Atsuta (JPN)
9-Martin Barr (IRL)
10-Jeremy Van Horebeek (BEL)

1-Ricky Carmichael (USA)
2-Tim Ferry (USA)
3-Grant Langston (RSA)
4-Steve Ramon (BEL)
5-Tanel Leok (EST)
6-David Philippaerts (ITA)
7-Yoshitaka Atsuta (JPN)
8-Billy Mackenzie (GBR)
9-Sebastien Pourcel (FRA)
10-Julien Bill (SUI)

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hyler199 hyler199
4/26/2018 9:16 PM
Nuffsaid wrote:

Could see this years MXoN ...more

Charlier was a sleeper perfect pick for that race. He's now a very good offload rider and they see conditions like that a lot. Just like I'm pretty sure if you thru Stu Baylor, Kailub Russel and Thad Duvall in that mud race a couple weeks ago i guarantee they'd all be in the top 10 if they make it thru the first turn

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lostboy819 lostboy819
4/26/2018 9:21 PM
Shaned9326 wrote:

Hopefully 2018 des nations ...more

crusty_xx wrote:

Herlings vs Roczen vs ...more

I doubt Tomac will even race, he will find a reason not to.

Ed Johnson

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4/26/2018 9:41 PM

81 and 82. When it was 250 trophy des nation one weekend, and 500 MX des Nation following weekend.

81 US B team wins 250 trophy and the Euro's say they won't be so lucky on the 500s next week. And we beat em again. ( First time Omara ever rode a 500).
82, Eros won't let that happen again. And Chandler goes 4 for 4 and blows their minds. It took them 11 years for them to get over it and re-group.

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tommyjif tommyjif
4/27/2018 3:17 AM

Lommel 2012. The most spectacular I've seen.
Matterley 2006 and Erneé 2005 were pretty cool too!

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thrillbillie91 thrillbillie91
4/27/2018 3:49 AM

i liked lommel 2012 too, roczen on the 250 was impressive and the final race was great!
The french ones are usually good too the crowd go crazy like ernee15, must be such a rush coming by a crowd that loud...loved it even watching on TV

Matterley 06 was cool to be there some great rides, still a shame RC couldn't ride

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Fraser Fraser
4/27/2018 4:32 AM
Donovan759 wrote:

Greatest Moto Des Nations ...more

06 was better, featuring the greatest ever motocross pass and that pitiful 'took one for the team' speech.

17 was also incredible for different reasons. Max Anstie in front of the home crowd doing the unthinkable.

Matterley Basin is a fantastic MXDN venue.

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Park Boys Park Boys
4/27/2018 4:40 AM
Fraser wrote:

06 was better, featuring ...more

The pitful took one for the team speech?

How about 03 when Everts was 2 plus seconds a lap slower than RC on his two stroke in the sand and Everts said something real similar?

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kNewc kNewc
4/27/2018 4:59 AM

Hopefully this year's will be pretty epic! I hope all the big names make it out. Man, who doesn't love riding or being at Red Bud? I would hope that it being in the US and at one of the best tracks would help riders with their decision to come race!

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Park Boys Park Boys
4/27/2018 5:27 AM

I like watching performances more than caring about who wins although it's been awhile since the US won so this year I'll probably flip the script and care about the team win.

2003 Watching RC in a league of his own, was the last time a 250 two stroke won anything important outdoors.

2007 for obvious reasons, it was the single most dominant display in the history of the event and he was on the smaller bike.

2009 Moto 1 was great, GP vs AMA champ and no one else was close. Probably the coolest single Moto in recent history from a match up stand point.

2011 Moto 3 was the last time a single country had guys go 1-2.

2012 when AC finally wins the event and gets the monkey of his back, I didn't care that USA lost or that Germany won it was cool to see AC finally go 1-1 and win the overall.

2013 Moto 2 when Roczen and Tomac had the fastest race, fastest laps of the day on 250s putting over 50 seconds on Desalle in 3rd.

Just a few motos that stick out.

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