Gopro session vs hero 4?

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12/18/2015 8:42 PM

Realistically is the session going to be good forsomemtb xc racing?


12/18/2015 8:51 PM

This video has a good comparison


12/18/2015 9:22 PM

Thanks, sounds like session may be closer to old hero 2 in vid quality


12/19/2015 1:03 AM

The session looks good value and the new price point looks compelling but I haven't noticed anyone with one.

For the last few years I've seen a lot more gopro out there but in the last 6 months, I would say 50/50 Sony vs Gopro. Looks like they have been catching up not only with market share but more action vids in mtb, skate and nitro circus which must be selling them a few cameras.


12/20/2015 8:01 AM

I just bought a Session, the price and size was just really attractive. You do give up some image quality, but it's still very good quality. On the GoPro App there are some ways to sharpen the image up, at least good enough for me. I love the size of it and the adjustability for mounting in many different locations. I just could never get over having what looked like a tall, bulky, Alfalfa looking gadget on my head. The low profile and smiplicity of the Session is really nice.


12/20/2015 9:50 AM

I remember reading somewhere that the functionality on the session is different, too. Just one button? That makes it easier. I accidentally turned off my GoPro once at the worst moment because I used the wrong button. D'oh!


Braaapin' aint easy.

12/20/2015 11:17 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/20/2015 11:21 AM

I think gopro has hit somewhat of a "wall" as far as innovation goes with these cameras. I currently have a hero4 silver and this thing gets damn warm when recording at 2.7k. The video quality is not going to get any better until they UP the bitrate which is currently at like 4k at 45mbps and it gets wicked hot...myphone records 4k at 200mbps(oneplus 2) for reference.
If you notice on some video if its fast pace, the video will kinda get blocky for a few frames...its because the bitrate isn't high enough.

The hero session was a step back in progression. They couldn't keep the same quality video and still reduce the size and weight of the camera...yet they still tried to get $400 out of us. It's probably just me but that pissed me off when they came out with that price and now its HALF of what the original cost and it's only like 6 months old.. Talk about shitting on your customers.

That being said, $200 for the session seems appropriate