Good stuff on latest Real Talk 447 podcast

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3/7/2019 10:16 PM

I know that RC and Fro get a lot of crap for doing a podcast, but this week's episode with Sam Jones is welll worth a listen. The story Sam Jones tells about how he had a James Stewart movie in the works, with a big budget approved by Paramount, and Tom Cruise on board....and then it all crumbled because of some bad management advice from a lawyer working the Stewarts.....this is absolutely a crazy story. What could have been!


Old MXer turned Superfan.

3/7/2019 10:19 PM

?‍♂️ Fuck that would be cool. Tom cruise would have pulled some fucking views/eyes. Have not listened, maybe I’ll check it out.
..... rick, rick, you there....?


3/8/2019 12:53 AM

Frankly, I’d rather see a well done Troy Adamitas documentary about the Stewarts rather than a Hollywood block buster. You just know that they would make all moto fans out to be inbred redneck racists, who only went to the races to yell things at James.


3/8/2019 1:20 AM

Its 50% the “let’s piss in Ricky’s pocket podcast” . The other 50% is good.


3/8/2019 7:14 AM

That was a good show.

Missed opportunity for Stewart and for the sport.


3/8/2019 9:31 AM

I listened, and i wish the movie would have been made ,but other than that i didnt think this episode was very good a little long and i was kinda bored with it , i probably would have shut it off but i was doing some othet things so just let it run, but so far its not real high on my list of ones to listen to even though they are legends and i am a fan of yhem both.