Gold Pass - Qualifiers link goes straight to live motos?

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7/7/2018 11:20 AM

Wanted to watch the qualies and practice. Every time I try to play the Red Bud Qualifiers link it goes straight to live action. Earlier it went straight into 450 moto 1, now it goes right into 250 moto 1.

Anyone else having the same problem?


7/7/2018 11:48 AM

Haven't tried, but thinking maybe the qualifiers aren't fully uploaded yet and it's redirecting you?


7/7/2018 12:24 PM

Yep, the same.


7/7/2018 12:37 PM

Maybe they fixed it. Just went to replays (with live coverage of 450 moto 2 right now) and no issues watching qualifying. (AppleTV/Gold app)


7/7/2018 2:15 PM

Yeah this morning the replay of qualifiers link wasn’t working right for me either. Kept going to coverage starting soon for the motos. Worked fine every other week.


7/7/2018 2:19 PM

If you click on the live link, the URL has a string of numbers at the end - I think 450m1 ended in 4. When I clicked the quali replay, it just took me to the live link. But, if you clicked the 450m1 link, it gave you that numerical URL ending. I just deleted the last number and took it back by 1 - so, changed the 4 to a 3 in the URL - and the replay loaded as usual.


7/7/2018 5:55 PM

I paid for gold pass this year pretty disappointed. I had to work this morning so I was a couple hours late watching and was not able to watch qualifiers as it took me to the live race, so I rewound as far as I could and it kept hard freezing, unwatchable. It was fine live as I have a very fast connection but it pissed me off.

Also I feel like they try to show so much advertising, re-holeshot, and everything else coming up later when it would just be nice to watch the fucking race while it’s on. Commercial free my ass!

Lastly, how did they miss all of Tomac’s crashes? Like seriously he’s losing the points lead riding his brains out and they missed them all?