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DLP600 DLP600
1/18/2021 6:44 PM

Just got a new bike and need some ideas. Let’s see what you have done.

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Yeti831 Yeti831
1/18/2021 6:55 PM

I personally love the number style HRC is running. Should look wicked clean on any bike.

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MotoSavage MotoSavage
1/19/2021 1:06 PM

We just posted up number plate design here, if you'd like to check them out!

MIDWEST MOTO CREW - Facebook Moto Group
IG: @_motosavage @motovatedmedia
2019 KTM 350sxf
Midwest Moto Crew Shop

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Zeke27G Zeke27G
1/19/2021 1:09 PM
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skeef skeef
1/19/2021 1:14 PM

Redbull drives me bonkers with their policy regarding their logos on graphics kits, yet you can but a factory edition bike off the show room floor with redbull graphics.

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WhatsStoppingU WhatsStoppingU
1/19/2021 1:20 PM

Hell yeah. Really loving the Gas Gas look. I’m a Yamaha guy but that’s one of the best looking bikes I’ve seen in a while.

If they get a 250 (or even better a 300TPI) 2T MX model, I might have to have one.

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Zeke27G Zeke27G
1/19/2021 1:22 PM
Zeke27G wrote:


skeef wrote:

Redbull drives me bonkers ...more

I hear ya, but I prefer it without the Red Bull logos as I don't care to advertise for energy drink companies. I think the TLD bikes have always had a clean, yet colorful look.

Do It In The Dirt!

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dylanv21 dylanv21
1/19/2021 3:46 PM
DLP600 wrote:

Just got a new bike and ...more

Give me a shout if you're needing some graphics for that beast still. I don't have Gas Gas listed on my website yet, but if you get ahold of me via email or social media. I can get you dialed in.
FB: @ HM Designs Moto
IG: @hm_designs_moto

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DLP600 DLP600
1/19/2021 4:51 PM
DLP600 wrote:

Just got a new bike and ...more

dylanv21 wrote:

Give me a shout if you're ...more

I just sent you an email.

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aedwards07 aedwards07
1/19/2021 8:58 PM
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Mungusman Mungusman
1/19/2021 11:04 PM

Got these for my boys MC125 from Decal Works Photo

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Mr. Ted Mr. Ted
1/20/2021 4:51 AM

Check out AEO Powersports on Instagram or FB. They have done some really clean looking stuff for their GG customers.

Indecision is a choice

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