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10/3/2017 4:52 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/3/2017 4:56 AM

Paulin will propbably never win a world championship ,but is 4x mxdn winner.

Febvre one world title 3mxdn winner.

Will these two riders go down in history as some of the best French riders ever ?

In twenty years ,how will they be talked about...?


RV, 4 th to 8 th, mxgp

10/3/2017 5:10 AM

As Marvin too!


10/3/2017 5:21 AM

What about Charlier? Winning gold at the ISDE with france and the MXDN with French? Best allround guy?


10/3/2017 5:24 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/3/2017 5:26 AM

Good question. Amongst the very best i would rank JMB, Pichon, Tortelli, Vimond (as the first but also as a coach), Musquin, then DV, CP, Bolley, Demaria, and Ronron. Based on the mxdn performance, i would put Febvre and Paulin in the first group. It is RC or Smets level for sure and no other french riders in this list brought so much to the team.

Special note to Seguy, Charlier, Frossard and Ferrandis too.


10/3/2017 6:50 AM

Febvre is a world champion and is already one of the best ever. This maybe the biggest race in the world but at no point is it more prestige's then winning Championships that take months of training and then months of racing. Febvre was able to back off in his races this year because of the strength of his team, you don't do that when your racing for championships against AC, Gasjer and Herlings at least till the end of the year.

When the MxDN comes around they will be talked about thats for sure. For Paulin it will be his career highlight much like Magoo but that is because they don't have championships by them selves.

France was stronger in the late 90's to mid 2000's. Injury's play a role as to who goes but they had Seb, Pichon and Bolley racing at the same time and they were winning the 250 world championship year after year plus you add on DV who won every where in the world and Roncada who was 2 points away from a AMA title. If Everts is the bench mark than Seb beat him and it only took 2 years and Pichon took it to him multiple times on a 250 two stroke vs his works 500, arguably the last full works bike raced. IMO if Pichon was on a four stroke like the CRF450 the 03 season could have been much different and he is a two time world champ anyways and national winner.

When your ranking the French do you use SX as well? They are the second best SX nation. If you do JMB, Marvin, Pichon, Seb and Pourcel plus DV are in a different league then the rest. They all won GPs, Nationals and at least 125 SX races with most winning 250/450 SX races.


10/3/2017 11:09 AM

In my post, in the special note, I forgot to mention Seb Pourcel as well.


10/3/2017 11:28 AM

All I know is that right now at the MXDN, the French are like:



Braaapin' aint easy.

10/3/2017 11:36 AM

I think Febvre will have a chance at another title.
He was not happy with his bike this year and obviously underperformed by his standards. He will work his ass off this winter and will come out swinging next year.


10/3/2017 12:11 PM

Sideways wrote:

I think Febvre will have a chance at another title.
He was not happy with his bike this year and obviously underperformed by ...more

Yeah Febvre will be in the title hunt in 2018. He hated the 2017 setup they had, he went back to the 2015 setup late in the season and things started to turn around.


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