Fox v3 fitment

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5/27/2021 1:30 AM

Hi, Can anyone advise if the current fox v3 helmet fitment is true to size? or does it tend to run on smaller or larger side?


5/27/2021 4:14 AM

True to size but with all helmets it’s very head shape dependent. You have to go try it on.


5/27/2021 5:01 AM

thanks, yeah I know this as I currently have an aria and love the fit. Just been offered a good deal on a fox but unfortunately my local shop would need to order this in


5/27/2021 7:04 AM

If it's that good of a deal, take the risk and order it. If it does not fit well, return it or sell it on eBay.


5/27/2021 8:23 AM

Well all i can say is i ride a Bell Moto 9, a Troy lee SE4 and the new Fox V3 all in Large.
The size is the same for me across the three brands above.

By the way, just my opinion but the V3 is the one i like the least in term of fitment...Bell is the number one.


5/27/2021 2:33 PM

They're true to size and fit my particular head shape better than any other helmet I've tried.


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5/29/2021 4:06 AM

Mine felt like it was shaped weird on my head but once it broke in the it become the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever warn


5/29/2021 4:28 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/29/2021 4:30 AM

I have the v3 and tld se3. V3 seems to have a shallower head drop where the tld sits down deeper if that makes sense. I wear both without issue so not big deal but something I noticed


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5/29/2021 4:36 AM

I have a chubby face and it seems smaller than my bell in cheek area