Found a Boot in Seattle

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4/9/2018 3:54 PM

I found an Alpinestar boot in the street about a block from Century Link Saturday night after the Seattle SX. Anyone want to claim it?


4/9/2018 3:59 PM

Is it a White size 10?


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4/9/2018 4:17 PM

If u find a Factory Kawasaki with a number 3 on it in Seattle, that’s mine for sure smile


4/9/2018 6:43 PM

Left or right foot?


4/9/2018 6:50 PM

Cinderella has already been done fellas.


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4/9/2018 7:53 PM


4/9/2018 7:59 PM

Bobby M?

Hope that doesn't come off as disrespectful. Bobby is the man!