For the Hard Enduro fans, Red Bull Signature Series TV. 2012 Romaniacs, Erzberg & Sea to Sky Full Episodes!

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4/7/2013 5:36 PM
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For those, like myself, who are hard enduro addicts here are some must see shows. The Red Bull signature Series shows absolute stellar coverage of classic battles last year between Grimbo, Letti and Jonny Walker through Red Bull Romaniacs, Red Bull Seat to Sky and the Red Bull Hare Scramble (Erzberg rodeo).

These epic, timeless locations are beautifully filmed by hard enduro masters,Throttle Entertainment and Red Bull Media Group, and the races are called by former Espn 2 motocross announcer, Todd Harris. Great stuff!!!

Red Bull Romaniacs 2012

Red Bull Hare Scramble (Erzberg) 2012

Red Bull Sea to Sky 2012

These races, along with Hell's Gate, are the greatest events in motorsports, in my opinion. I absolutely love it!


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4/7/2013 11:14 PM

Yea I live watching hard enduros too!!! All these were on tv last year, I caught everyone ofem! Set your dvr right, and you'll never miss a race! They have terrible announcers though, only bad part of it.


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4/7/2013 11:49 PM

@Star: i think we already had this convo, but i also LOVE watching these events, and dont get the channel they usually show them on, so i always look fwd and dig how RedBull upload the entire TV programs.

These guys are full on BEASTS, and very patient ones at that, those huge rock sections....uuugh! i can not even begin to imagine how frustrating some of them are. I remember watching one of the early Erzberg's (i think) and Pastrana struggling through the rock pile mountain. Those sections look like NO all.

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4/8/2013 3:08 AM
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OC....yeah I think that was the year before Pastrana invited MC to come over. The year they were both there TP was just stoked to beat MC at something but hey, MC finished Erzberg his first try which is a helluva accomplishment.

When Jonny enters Carl's Diner first and is slowly going into the section and then loses control of the bike I swear it look like his neck snapped back. whew. That was scary. And Knighters high speed qualifying crash on GoPro footage was wicked too. Knocked him out of race.

I dig Erzberg but Romaniacs, Sea To Sky and Hell's Gate are my favorites. The cold, icy evil weather of Hell's Gate make that one special and nothing beats riding in Romania I hear.

I'm email buds with Chilly White who runs and he went to Romaniacs last year and again this year. He said there is NOTHING else like it in the world. The most beautiful riding landscape on planet earth. Just wish more Americans would go. Kyle Redmond has been a few times and Baja 6 time champ and legend Kendall Norman went last year but finished like 19th.

Letti, Walker, Jarvis....those ones consistently on top in theses are right...they are BEASTS!! Can't wait for Erzberg and Romania this year.

Just thought some of you who haven't seen these shows would enjoy them. I love some extreme enduro!


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4/8/2013 6:37 AM

I just can't imagine the physical challenge these guys go through.

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4/8/2013 7:03 PM

I was scared just watching! That is crazy. Some of those waterfall climbs were insane


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4/8/2013 10:28 PM

Bad ass!!!! Thanks!!


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4/9/2013 12:35 AM

You're welcome, guys. I love motocross and supercross. But the pure adventure of hard enduro is unmatched. The locales of these races are just breathtaking.

As I said, I have a bud who raced the hobby class at Romaniacs. He essentially said what Chris Denison of Dirt Rider said. The Romaniacs hobby class is VERY challenging for top tier A riders, the expert class is nonstop brutal, borderline impossible, and the pro class is utterly insane. Yet, Letti, Jarvis, Boltz and Walker and the boys make it all look somewhat simple.

Glad you guys enjoyed it. If you want to see more hard enduro check out Throttle Entertainment's DVD line. Brilliant film making. I've never met any of them personally but they are super passionate about the extreme stuff.