For how long does a MX bike stay relevant?___Help!

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12/7/2017 4:02 PM

This is my first post here on the site, so, hello everyone!

A bit of a background before I start: After 15+ years riding downhill and enduro mountain biking, I'm thinking about giving MX a go. I've been pretty sucessful on the no engined two wheeled fun toys, and ever since I tried ridding an MX bike, I've become completely addicted. With only a few hours on the motorcycle, even if I don't feel like it, people are saying I'm becoming pretty fast on it (I only have like 10 hours, maybe less on them), so I'm thinking about going head first into this.

And now, this is where I need your help. On the mountain bike world, a bicycle with more than 4/5 years is pretty outdated for someone who's thinking about going at it seriously. The geometry changes, the wheel sizes and the technology has evolved so much, that they represent a real advantage to those ridding newer models. Long story short, on the mountain bike world, if you're looking for a bike, the newer it is, the better it'll be (of course things like overall condition and so on are also important, but you get the point).

But now that I'm putting an eye on the engined side of this, things don't seem to be so linear. I've already figured out that pretty much all the brands ditched the carburetor in '09, but I can't even tell if that is a real advantage or not. And geometry wise, I can't seem to find any info regarding its evolution (bicycles have gotten longer, slacker and pretty lower and, therefore, way faster in the last few years).

So, what I need to ask is: From what year onwards should I look?
On my budget (2000€-2700€) I've found everything from 2006 to some 2010 motorcycles. So, I'm a bit confused because I though the budget itself would narrow my possibilities to 10/9 year old bikes.

I hope I was able to express myself coherently, thank you for your help!


12/7/2017 4:10 PM

Mx is fun.


12/7/2017 4:17 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/7/2017 4:18 PM

Depends on the rider's skill, how well it's been maintained, etc. Riding styles evolve, too. I've seen guys riding the heck out of old Maicos, doing things on them that no one would have considered possible back in the day.

MTBs are different in that there are far fewer standards (like the wheel sizes you mentioned). Talk about evolution. That happens on the daily in that arena.


12/7/2017 4:21 PM

if you look at hte 2 strokes, the YZ125/250 is still competitive and it has not really changed at all since 2006,
even suspension technolgy has not really evolved, the air fork has come but alot of people prefer the twin chamber tech that is from the 2000's,

when looking at second hand bikes, i would go on condition rather than year as your deciding factor,


12/7/2017 4:31 PM

A 2 stroke 250 from the late 1980's on up to current would be relevant for a very long time. Plenty of power, pretty lightweight, simple to maintain and useful for decades. Though I have had a few setbacks and delays, I picked up this 1990 YZ250 a few years back and been collecting a few parts to get it back on track. Lots of low to mid power, good suspension, decent ergos, not too different from a current offering.



12/7/2017 5:00 PM

I just bought a new MTB. Giant Trance Advance. It’s the same model and size as the the 5yo one I already own.
So different its frankly bizarre. (As most know, MTBs are evolving towards DH spec. This years “Anthem” is a lot closer to the geometry of my 5 yo “Trance” than the 2017 “Trance”.

I rode a current YZ250F and feel it was an incremental improvement over my 2008!! (Definitely more power).
The 2008, was very close my 2004, IMHO.


12/7/2017 5:10 PM

There was a kid a couple years ago (Jerry Robin) that made it to Lorettas on a 1980s CR.

I ride a 2010 YZ250F, the suspension has been set up for me. I really do not feel like the bike holds me back at all, it handles everything that is in my speed/skill level. The carb has never given me issues, I had to take some time with jets, needle position, air mix etc but I was still pulling holeshots last season against new 450s.
I race vet class, where there is a mix of every displacement, new and old, and the tech level of my bike doesn't seem to hold me back... The power difference against the 450s is noticeable here and there, but considering I still win motos and seem to be on the podium at the end of every season shows at the amateur level it doesn't matter.

Just make sure it runs good, the suspension is fresh and properly set up, and you keep up the maintenance and you're good to go.

I'm picking up a new bike shortly, specifically for off road. The only reason why I'm buying new is for peace of mind knowing someone hasn't messed with it (I take out stripped screws on aircraft after other people have messed them up at work, I don't need to do it at home)


12/7/2017 5:21 PM

I own a 97 and 04 RM 125’s and an 04 YZ 250 along with an 09 YZ 250f. I beat guys on new bikes every time I race.


12/7/2017 5:21 PM
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Thanks in advance!

12/7/2017 5:22 PM
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2017-1998=19 years.
2013-1985=28 years
So, at least that many.


12/7/2017 11:12 PM

What's your height/weight?


12/8/2017 12:50 AM

Welcome, my 91 KX500 is still plenty competitive at a club racing level... And it’s going UP in value...

I’m in the black shift kit on the green bike if your really new to our sport...?


12/8/2017 12:51 AM

Jiberish user name? CHECK

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12/8/2017 3:08 AM

I think the big swing in momentum would be the decision as to whether or not you're planning on racing competitively on your new ride?


12/8/2017 3:48 AM

Just buy a 2 stroke. 4 strokes are easier to ride, but with your budget a 7 yr old 4 stroke might be a time bomb. They aren’t cheap to mend aswel. Lots of fast guys still run the 2 strokes.

I’d personally stay away from RM’s are the gearboxes are chocolate I put 2 in mine over 2/3 seasons. YZ’s are always a good choice as they haven’t really changed dramatically. Enjoy whatever you do!


12/8/2017 3:57 AM

Anything newer than a 2000 for 2 strokes and 2009 for 4 strokes is fine. Older than that and youll start having problems finding parts or the 4 strokes wont be up to snuff


2009 Kawasaki KX450F
2009 Kawasaki KX250F
2002 Suzuki GSXR 600

12/8/2017 4:44 AM

Acidreamer wrote:

Anything newer than a 2000 for 2 strokes and 2009 for 4 strokes is fine. Older than that and youll start having problems ...more

The exception is the 05+ CRF450. That bike was near gold and they made tons of them. Parts are plentiful.


12/8/2017 7:15 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/8/2017 7:16 AM

At the local level any MX bike within reason will work. Starting out you can win on any 1984 or later bike. I've seen it myself. A 2006+ bike would just be icing on the cake. You don't need anything newer or more expensive to have fun which is the most important thing and still competitive at local races.


12/9/2017 6:48 AM

Thanks everyone for the replies!

Seems like everyone shares the same opinion regarding this question. Personally, I would have never thought a '06 bike would still be competitive today (not taking the skills into the equation here).

I've seen many comments advising to go the 2stroke way, but I'm not really considering it for two reasons. Mainly because the used market here doesn't have that much offers on this side, and secondly because I've never ridden one and I don't know if I will like it or adapt to it (I also have a very unpopular opinion about hating how they sound).
It also seems that people are not that much into RMZs, so I'll keep that in mind

Regarding the bikes I have an eye on, these two are the main contenders right now (I'll only make the purchase in January, so a few new adverts might pop up meanwhile):
- '08 YZ250F
- '09 SXF250

I know a few people said that 7+ year old 4strokes might be a time bomb, but giving the current scenario, it's a risk I'll have to take.

Finally, about the competition route, I'll leave that aside for now. I'm definitely thinking about it, but I want to be 100% ready when it comes, so I don't see it happening in less than a year.


12/9/2017 6:54 AM

Whether I like the sound of them or not I'd take a 10 year old 2 stroke any day of the week over any 4 stroke more than a few years old. I don't trust people to take care of their bikes. Just my 2 cents.


12/9/2017 7:08 AM

305FC250 wrote:

Whether I like the sound of them or not I'd take a 10 year old 2 stroke any day of the week over any 4 stroke more than a few ...more

The sound is not that important tbh. I don't like it, but it ends up not weighting too much on my decision. The main problems are the fact that I've never ridden One (and I don't know anyone who has one for me to try) and you don't really see that many for sale.
But given how many people are pointing towards this direction, maybe I'll try to get my leg over one at least to have an opinion about it