First time riding a 125

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7/9/2017 6:12 PM

Since this is my last year on a super mini, time to start on a 125. Pulled out the ol' husky for a few laps


7/9/2017 9:00 PM

Practice, practice, and more practice. Twist the throttle as far as it will go and keep it there as much as possible, shift up and down as needed to keep the engine on the "pipe", that is where the power is and use outside lines to maintain your momentum. Most of all, have fun!!!


7/9/2017 9:30 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/9/2017 9:48 PM

Wring the throttle like a rag ... never let out unless no other option ... when it puts you down get back up show it who its daddy is

I went to edit my original post and deleted it all ...


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