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stangkag stangkag
7/15/2018 8:27 PM

I had some pretty bad injuries back in 2014 that made me sell my 450. This entire time without a bike has been hell so I started looking at bikes this weekend. Anyone own an 01 rm125? Opinion on this old smoker? I just intend to putt around and have fun on this thing. Are these good bikes? Photo

Runs but bogs at higher rpms $1200

It aint nothing but a little bit of this and a little bit of Braaaap!!!

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dirtmike86 dirtmike86
7/15/2018 9:23 PM

Old smokers are always good bikes. Cheap parts. Easy to work on. 125s are great for fun they just wear you out. Only down side is that i had with my last bike that isnt made anymore was getting parts. They are out there but some things take a while and had to search ebay for some stuff. As for that particular bike ive never owned one. Plenty of yz125s, cr125, rm250s and cr250s.

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JM485 JM485
7/15/2018 10:09 PM

Consider the fact that Suzuki parts are significantly more expensive than Honda and Yamaha parts, of you’re looking at a project. If cost isn’t a huge deal then by all means go for and enjoy it, just wanted to give you the heads up.

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Moto520 Moto520
7/15/2018 10:31 PM

Hell heah it’s a good bike. Welcome back!

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731chopper 731chopper
7/15/2018 10:39 PM

I think the 01 had a known transmission issue. That’s the only thing that comes to mind and I’m sure somebody on here can elaborate. Looks like a nice bike for $1,200 though.

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Stuntman949 Stuntman949
7/16/2018 8:41 AM
JM485 wrote:

Consider the fact that ...more

$30 spark plug on that 01

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