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12/30/2018 3:07 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/30/2018 3:07 AM

With Deano not getting Benny’s ride it got me thinking..
Is it worth having a solid personal sponsor like rockstar to help funding you going riding, or are you better off to limit your personal sponsors in hope of getting a ride?
If rockstar is the reason he didn’t get the KTM ride he can forget about filling in at Kawi or Yamaha too, Suzuki already has the biggest team I can remember so they probably wouldn’t even get a fill in.. not much left.


12/30/2018 3:17 AM

There are pros and cons to your question. Winging it by yourself could give one more options for a fill in. Great riders such as Grant and Wilson limit themselves with options but in the event of a spot becoming available, that said spot is top tier.


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12/30/2018 3:18 AM

Works for leverage if a team really wants him. Can ask for more $ to free him up from Rockstar


12/30/2018 8:36 AM

There might be a very limited few...or maybe just one...rider that's specifically aligned with the "fill in" ride he's expected to/planned to take if/when he's needed. I can think of a few teams a rider in this situation could go to, also. Which teams DON'T have an energy drink?
Suzuki/JGR (?) I know they had a relationship w/Monster...but, I'm pretty sure that's over.

Oddly, in the case of BBMX/RMATVMC KTM...they had just signed a deal w/5150 and that virtually eliminated DeanO riding for them.


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12/30/2018 8:40 AM

If I’m dean, I’m getting paid. I’m not waiting around spending my own money.


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