Feld and Fields and SX

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1/12/2018 1:50 PM

— They keep the 7,000 yards of dirt buried in the parking lot. What!? No joke — at least at Angel Stadium. Supercross Director of Operations Tim Phend said after the two Anaheim races are over, Supercross will stash the dirt in a giant hole behind the stadium, cover it up with a firmer base layer and leave it for 11 months. Angels fans park on top of it all summer, and then Supercross comes back to dig it up in late December. Oh, and they have to buy the Angels a whole new baseball field each year because they destroy the grass by putting all the dirt and equipment on top of it.

Does anybody know if they have to buy fields at each venue? Just curious as that seems expensive as hell to do


"Life is Too Short To Last Long"

1/12/2018 2:13 PM

Whats the point of the plywood if they have to replace the field after?


1/12/2018 2:17 PM

Lets see a grass start if they have to buy it every year


1/12/2018 3:51 PM

I'd guess that they are really talking about replacing the sod, not the entire field from the base up. The base with the drainage and major plumbing is the part that really needs the protection that the plywood gives it. Without that, those ruts that we see on the track could do down far enough to screw up the base, destroy submain piping, etc.

The infield/base path dirt is also crazy expenive, Safeco Field is replacing their dirt this year and it's a pretty big project. They've resodded before and it hasn't been a huge deal, but the dirt project price was crazy compared to what I had expected it to be.