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10/27/2017 6:56 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/27/2017 6:57 AM

****Warning looong post*****

After reading this weeks “Exhaust” column and listening to the Red Bull Straight Rhythm podcast I had some thoughts of what was said and wanted to see what yuze guyz thought.

As it is, 2-strokes are on the fringe of MX/SX just as 4-strokes were 20 years ago. In the MX/SX world 2-strokes are a novelty all wrapped up in nostalgia and smoked. I love hearing a 2-smoker just as much as the other guy but this will likely only be a novelty when the performance capabilities are compared to that of the 4-stroke – see Stank dog 125 vs 250f.

Matthes suggested that all of the RBSR competitors should race on two strokes in an attempt to create more interest in the event. I agree that the first attempt would create additional excitement but I would suspect that years following, interest would steadily decline – why? Because it just becomes another race whether its all 2- strokes or all 4- strokes. Imagine how many people would be clamoring for a specialty 4-stroke race if all the bikes that raced were 2-strokes…

In the mid ‘90s I worked for a company that was racing heavily modified 4-strokes in motocross races against a 2-stroke monopoly. This was before Yamaha raced the YZM so the 4-stroke sound was unique and cut straight through the hornets buzz of 2-strokes. The interest in the pits was stifling at times.

In the mid 2000’s I worked for a team that raced Buell motorcycles in classes that were dominated by Japanese 600cc sport bikes. Without seeing it, you could hear where the bike was on track as if it was the only bike out there. This contrasting engine sound generated huge (eeewwwuge as Trump would say) interest and we had some of the largest crowds in our pit. Now, when we raced against other Buells, it was just another race.

For me, my interest in watching the RBSR was almost exclusively related to the personalities that were linked to the 2-stroke race and the pre-race smack talk. Although I did have some nostalgic tugs to hear a 2-stroke bark, who doesn’t want to see Reed, Villo, race again – all topped off with an overdose of Ronnie Mac!

I LOVED the smack talking between all those guys – finally some non-PC personality from some compound robots.
To wrap up this up, my interest factors in watching the Redbull straight rhythm are...
9% - To see and hear some 2-strokes bark
35% - To see Villo, Reed, and RMac race
45% - See the outcome from all the smack talking
11% - Watch all other competitors
What say you?