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kage173 kage173
10/2/2017 4:23 PM

Fact #1 - There are more than 8 times more motorcycles in the USA than there are people in Estonia
Fact #2 - People in Estonia are better at racing motorcycles than people in the USA


Those Estonians are savages bro.

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Brent Brent
10/2/2017 4:31 PM

Fact #3 - You are a pure troll and probably quite an asshole.

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10/2/2017 4:36 PM

Fact #4 - USA is back to back World War champs.

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Squitlege Squitlege
10/2/2017 4:56 PM

Facts 7, 8 & 9... who cares

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SlasherMcGee SlasherMcGee
10/2/2017 5:07 PM

Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been, to stand up taller than you than you ever were.

I have a funny feeling that Team USA will hoist that trophy again some day...



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agn5009 agn5009
10/2/2017 5:09 PM
SlasherMcGee wrote:

Sometimes you have to get ...more

Yeah, next year when they're all willing to race because it's in the USA.

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mikebrownsound mikebrownsound
10/2/2017 5:30 PM
kage173 wrote:

Fact #1 - There are more ...more

Interesting that you actually mocking estonia and not your supposed "own" country with this comment.

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rmoto003 rmoto003
10/2/2017 5:34 PM


U rustled my jimmies for sure

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RangerLee RangerLee
10/2/2017 6:13 PM
SlasherMcGee wrote:

Sometimes you have to get ...more

It may be a long time, when our best are either injured or do not want to race, this type of result is expected. I predicted we would get 4th, the shock issue made sure I was not close in that.

Even with the race in the US next year, what is really different when it comes to the "timing" which is the excuse that is used to not race the MXoN by some? Still have a longer lay off from the end of MX and less time off before training 100% if you decide to race.

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jeffro503 jeffro503
10/2/2017 6:24 PM

Man , another fact I had no idea about. Estonia has won this event more times then the USA. Who woulda thought?

And there goes Jeffro. One of God's own prototypes. A super high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Pimpin' Ho's , Rollin' fatty's......drinkin' beers , beers , beers!! ~ Ja

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kkawboy14 kkawboy14
10/2/2017 7:06 PM

Fact 10) there's nothing else to do in Estonia but ride!

Fact 11) both of the 2 guys who live in Estonia are paid by the government to race all day long everyday (they were told, if you win you get to leave the country and be a USA citizens)

Fact 12) the 3rd guy on their team is American

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inthebadboycorner inthebadboycorner
10/2/2017 7:36 PM

Fact 14) Tanel Loek is 107 years old and still rides like a champ.

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10/2/2017 7:44 PM

Fact #15 There is a lot of exaggeration about Tanel Leok's age, he is only 63
Fact #16 Estonian girls are hot AF
Fact #17 You can't outdrink an Estonian

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Hut Hut
10/2/2017 7:47 PM

The real list
Fact #1 if you ain’t first your last ...

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TbonesPop TbonesPop
10/2/2017 7:51 PM
Top 10 women of Estonia

MX is Not the only thing to do in Estonia.
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Jordan421 Jordan421
10/2/2017 7:59 PM
jeffro503 wrote:

Man , another fact I had ...more

This is the most mind blowing fact

Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

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kkawboy14 kkawboy14
10/2/2017 8:19 PM
TbonesPop wrote: Top 10 women of Estonia


Fact 18) dirt bikes aren't the only thing to ride in Estonia

Fixed it for you smile

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TbonesPop TbonesPop
10/2/2017 8:24 PM
TbonesPop wrote: Top 10 women of Estonia

kkawboy14 wrote:

Fact 18) dirt bikes aren't ...more

Damn straight!

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St Ann More St Ann More
10/3/2017 12:53 AM
jeffro503 wrote:

Man , another fact I had ...more

Fact#984 You're only as good as your last race.

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Mike_Frisk Mike_Frisk
10/3/2017 1:16 AM
F.B wrote:

Fact #15 There is a lot of ...more

You sir knows what's up. Estonia is sick, been there a couple of times and they know how to party and girls are hot as fuck!

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m.hardesty16 m.hardesty16
10/3/2017 2:59 AM

Fact 3) you're not free

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rileymx rileymx
10/3/2017 8:25 AM
SEE ARE125 wrote:

Fact #4 - USA is back to ...more

sorry but i couldn't let that on by........
WORLD WAR CHAMPIONS !!!!!! how dumb can a guy be just to think this is a funny joke !!!!!
this is exactly the kind of comments that we, the world, keep seeing here by some really stupid and ignorant americans that lack completly any kind of respect for even their own country, much less the rest of the world....
its exactly this kind of "jokes", because of being uncontested by all the other americans here, that make people like me enjoy to see america or americans loose !!!!!
i come here to learn about and enjoy the sport that i love.....but i keep finding these kind of "american fans" that ashamed humanity it self.....
lots of post have been erased, people have been clipped for much much less.....

p.s. by the way you got it wrong, its 3 times now, don't forget the time where usa fouled the whole world with 9/11 and ben laden just so a few could steal and get rich with oil and opium should be very proud of that victory too

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kkawboy14 kkawboy14
10/3/2017 8:38 AM
SEE ARE125 wrote:

Fact #4 - USA is back to ...more

rileymx wrote:

sorry but i couldn't let ...more

Dude I'm not sure how tight you are wound but I thought that World War comment was funny!

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Squirtlege Squirtlege
10/3/2017 9:09 AM

Fact 6.1: Riley Mx gets the coveted, "Dipshit of the Day" award and it's only noon EST! congrats bro!

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early early
10/3/2017 9:22 AM

Hey Riley make that 6-time. The American Revolution and War of 1812 which were the start of the fall of the British empire. Without that the majority of the worlds business would be done in English and people would have an unhealthy fascination with how many kids the royal family pops out...oh wait...

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EV901 EV901
10/3/2017 9:31 AM

Our media outlets even wrote, that we beat USA and that USA was "behind" us. But none of them wrote what happened during the race, making USA look bad, since they are so much bigger than us.

As a Estonian, I was kind of dissapointed to read that, knowing what was going on.

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RichardLoots RichardLoots
10/3/2017 9:39 AM
SEE ARE125 wrote:

Fact #4 - USA is back to ...more

damnnn ... nice backup bro laughing laughing unreal , but explains a lot

the funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it

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Barrett57 Barrett57
10/3/2017 11:48 AM

Heres another fun fact, the US was late to both world wars by years both times.


I no longer regret my username.

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