Eric Perronard, please bring back the US Open.

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10/13/2018 10:14 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/13/2018 10:18 PM

So after another not so great MEC and a truly boring track I am watching the 03 US Open of Supercross . Much better.

We need this event back and ditch MEC.


10/13/2018 10:53 PM

I agree.


10/14/2018 2:59 AM

How the hell do you figure the USopen was more entertaining than the MEC...!? It was basically an arenacross track that had two turns in a sketchy corridor..
The Monster Cup is badass. Joker Lane, Sand section, amateur all stars.. Plus a million dollars is better than 100 grand 8 days a week. Only better thing about the US open was that it was on the strip. that's it. You don't even get to understand that from your couch anyways! Try seeing the positives for a change mister...
Man, people will bitch just to bitch I swear.