Epstein Barr Experience?

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7/28/2017 10:56 AM

So I was recently diagnosed with Epstein Barr after I couldn't ride more than 2 laps without being completely exhausted and went to the doc. I was feeling pretty tired for 2 weeks, then had this ridiculous weekend, was sick for one week and now this week I feel ok. (was still exercising in the first week, 2nd week only recovery and rested the last 2 weeks) But I'm out of breath when I run down the stairs for the phone...

Doc says another 8 weeks of doing NOTHING. Does anyone have experience with this? I know a couple of guys like Tonus and Reed had it as well.
It would be a major bummer if there wasn't anything I could do because it's already driving me mad. Apart from the fact that I put in so much work this year and was looking to turn it around in the 2nd half of the season.

Thanks guys!


7/28/2017 12:20 PM

The slower you take it the faster you will heal, eat clean, sleep a lot, rest. You can't push through this one, your body is telling you to stop. I tried to when I was a kid and now I've had ME for over 20 years, listen to your body is my biggest advice


7/28/2017 1:17 PM

Do what your doc says. I didn't. Took many years to start getting better, and still feel weaker than I should 16 years later.


7/28/2017 1:20 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/28/2017 1:22 PM

Sheriff245 wrote:

Do what your doc says. I didn't. Took many years to start getting better, and still feel weaker than I should 16 years later. ...more

Agreed. It was awful, but listening to the doctor and resting helped. it was a long road before I got back to feeling decent. I still have some symptoms from time to time but they aren't as severe as when I first got diagnosed.

I did nothing for two months. I slept all the time.



7/28/2017 1:40 PM

Listen to your doctor, this is something you can't push through. I thought I could push through it and sweat it out, I almost died and today I'm still feeling the effects of it.


7/28/2017 2:22 PM

Agree, My son had it when he was 9. Really crazy stuff as he is not that much of an athlete (and no, i am not a nightmare mini dad). At least in kids, the doc told us that his organs were also susceptible to being damaged from a hard hit. He couldn't ride for 2 months. He's now 21 and has zero lingering issues


7/28/2017 4:06 PM

Get a Lyme disease test !! You need the Western blot test .. ..the Quest test is crap ...Get the test !!!!


7/28/2017 4:27 PM

I had it in 2011. It was horrible and I still feel the effects today. Like everyone else said here, take it easy and listen to the doc. I didn't as I was in the police academy while being diagnosed. It sucks man. People who have never had it don't understand the everlasting effects.


7/28/2017 5:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/28/2017 5:59 PM

This is what helps:
1) Adopting a low-fat, mostly plant based diet with a higher ratio of Lysine to Arginine (amino acids.) This stops feeding the bio-film that protects the virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa; including chronic lyme from your immune system. Most people get better by eating this way. I know from experience after seeing a specialist who treated his patients on this diet with remarkable results. Low fat is the main thing. If you have meat, boil it and wash out all the fat.

2) Having access to a hyperbaric chamber, and/or ozone therapy.

3) Saunas; Stimulates immune system; biofilm/viruses don't like high heat temperature change.

4) Meditation/Prayer: Don't underestimate this. It is proven mindful mediation and prayer strengthens the immune system and white blood cell production, reduces physical/mental stress, etc. None of these things work without God.
(Switch On Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.)

5) Antiviral/antibiotics like Olive Leaf Extract (Herb Pharm), and raw garlic if needed.


7/28/2017 6:09 PM

Am i the only one that caught that he runs down the stairs for the phone? As in land line, possibly corded? Lol

Sorry i have no experience with epstein bar, hope you recover quickly


7/28/2017 11:37 PM

take your time. i went hard drinking in the evenings and riding during the days. and i got a mild sickness that lasted the better part of a year. 3 years later and if i go too hard i get sick still. let your shit rest


7/29/2017 1:03 AM

Thanks for the replys guys! It sounds a lot more serioud to me now. I'm currently in the situation that I finished school and wait for college to begin, and I didn't get a minijob for these 5 months so I coulf concentrate on exams and riding. So I'm basically sitting on my ass all day. I've lost about 2-3kg already, but it's probably the muscles.
Other than that I feel normal, I'm just out of breath a lot faster than normal.
I think I got it from my new girlfriend, not from overtraining because I took my time to rest and felt really, really goof before it happened. (On the websites that I looked up, it's also called kissing or student disease because of that)

And for maxc811, I'm from Germany so I don't really know what kind of tests they're doing. I probably should look for a specialist as well, because this is the local doctor and she doesn't seem to have a lot of experience with this.

Revealeroftruths, I will try some of those things, they sound like they could speed this up a little bit. Thank you! (I'm pretty sure I would have gotten almost the exact same answer from ryno if I asked him haha)

Gogglefriend: almost haha! We have a house telephone downstairs. Obviously it's wireless and everything, but it can't fly


7/29/2017 11:27 AM

GER_shortymx wrote:

Thanks for the replys guys! It sounds a lot more serioud to me now. I'm currently in the situation that I finished school and ...more

No problem, hope to see you well soon as possible.


7/29/2017 12:26 PM

Rotaholic wrote:

The slower you take it the faster you will heal, eat clean, sleep a lot, rest. You can't push through this one, your body is ...more



8/2/2017 6:48 AM

I got it back in 2013 when I was a Junior in College. I started feeling sick right after Thanksgiving break and by the time finals rolled around I could barely make it to a class. I slept alot and went to the doctor and was told I had Mono, I almost had to take a medical leave of absence for finals but I decided to just push through it. I would sleep all day, barely study, show up, take a final, and go back to sleep. I did this until I was done and rested all winter break. I went back to school in January of 14 that year and never quite had the energy or felt the same as I did before. I would feel like i'd pass out from doing the most minor physical activity. My heart beat was always high too and out of nowhere I always felt anxious or nervous about stupid things.

Fast forward to 2015, I had moved on and just kind of got used to how I felt. I moved away for a job out of state and still just did not feel right. I came home a weekend about 4 months after moving away and my family said i just looked weak. My uncle is a doctor, and sent me in for bloodwork out here, and it turned out I still had never gotten over mono. It was still in my system (it never truly leaves) and my body was fighting it. I got put on all kinds of supplements and vitamins and basically detoxed for a few months, slept well, took it easy, and just tried to heal. Afterwards I felt like a completely new person, I had better stamina than before and more energy, I was able to go to the gym again and all that without feeling like i was going to pass out or fall over.

So yes listen to the doctor, drink plenty of fluids, rest, and be as healthy as you can be for the next few weeks. I tried to rush back into my normal life and the affects lingered for two years. Today I feel as good if not better than before I had Mono. Hope you feel better and make a full recovery.


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8/2/2017 6:56 AM

I had it in 2014 and 2015... I could barely stay awake at work, had to take naps during lunch and after work just to function. I didn't even realize I had it until I was months and months into it. I didn't know it was possible to sleep like that. Don't underestimate it, take the advice above.


8/7/2017 5:49 AM

I talked to a few more people including my trainer and a very good doctor from Belgium and they basically said the same as everyone. I got an ultrasonic and it showed that my spleen was slightly bigger which is normal when you have it. It seems like it didn't hit me as hard as some of you guys, but I'm fortunate to have it in this situation where I can really rest and don't have to go to work. I called it a season and as soon as I'm 100% again, I'll start building up next year.
I got cleared for relaxed cycling in my recovery heart rate zone and it feels good physically. It's even better mentally though, haha.
They'll analyze my blood again in early September so I'll see how the progress is.
Thanks again to everyone, I'm a lot more conscious about the seriousness of this virus and the importance of resting!


8/7/2017 7:30 AM

it took me down hard when i was 24, and i didn't go to doctor/continued to push through, and it caused my tonsils to swell so badly i couldnt swallow food and had restricted breathing, and had to get steroid shots to reverse that. take doctors advice, slow down, it can get serious quickly.


8/7/2017 12:29 PM

maxc811 wrote:

Get a Lyme disease test !! You need the Western blot test .. ..the Quest test is crap ...Get the test !!!!

Ditto on Lyme, kicked me flat for a year and it took 2 years to get back to 90% after that.