Eero Remes cool video

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10/13/2017 12:10 AM


10/13/2017 1:14 AM

I was just about to post the same smile Very cool mud-slinging offroad video. I´ll just embed it here:


10/13/2017 1:30 AM

Quality content!


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10/13/2017 2:07 AM

That was very aesthetically pleasing. The green and yellow contrast in the trees/flowers was wonderful


10/13/2017 5:56 AM

Nicely done, he's riding in shallow water most of the time and the splashing effect is very unique.


10/13/2017 7:53 AM

Hyvä Eero. Cool video.


10/13/2017 9:48 AM

How can he roost and look back at it at the same time?

Are we unknowing participants in some sort of psychological experiment going on with this thread?


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Copius pattern amounts of phrases like “Anyone have”..., “Anybody know?”.... and their variations.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!