Does manufacturer brand play a role?

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2/23/2012 3:13 PM

In your decision to back your favorite rider. Would you stop backing him if he went to a different manufacturer that you did not like?


2/23/2012 3:34 PM

For me? No. My favorite brand is Kawasaki and my favorite rider is Chad Reed. However, when Reed was on a Kawi it didn't really sway me one way or the other. At the time, I actually wished he was back on the Suzuki.


2/23/2012 3:58 PM


The past few years though I've been pulling for some teams just because I like them, TLD....JGR, I like their approach so I'll cheer for pretty much anybody that rides for them.


2/23/2012 4:29 PM

I only cheer for people who ride two strokes. Oh wait a minute, no one rides two strokes any more.blink


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2/23/2012 6:09 PM

I was pulling for Dungey on the Suzuki but I'm pulling even more for him on the KTM. In some ways it seems like an underdog story to me. I'm a fan of the way Dungey and KTM go about their business.

But to directly answer the question, I like riders based on their personality and work ethic so brand doesn't play a role.


2/23/2012 6:27 PM

i pull for the Kawasaki riders the most, but, I like all the riders.


2/23/2012 7:06 PM

Absolutely not. I don't care who wins or what brand of bike they are on. Zero Fan Boy. Don't even care what their name is. All I care about is how many passes for the lead position occur during the main event. Racing. That's all that matters to me. What brand wins on Saturday means jack shit to me. I wish the MCF's would stop paying out money to pro's and use those funds to lower the cost of the bikes they sell.


2/23/2012 7:53 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/23/2012 7:54 PM

Yes it does. RJ is my all time favorite rider, but not until he rode red. I was a big Showtime fanboy until he went Suzuki/Yamaha at which point I pretty much quit watching or going to the races(checked race results and who won the titles on the net) to a couple years ago. Was going to 3 to 5 races a year to hang with and talk to Skip, used to get to wrench on Showtimes bike a little. Changed 11 tires at the 94 Troy national one saturday and helped put the suspension on his CR250. He won his first 250 outdoor moto the next day. Let me tell you the excitment this adds to a race, cause if he had a tire faliure that was on me.This prior to the big rig days cause also helped clean out the box van. This is one of my favorite memorys. Just dont like the Kawi's at all been that way since I was 6 in 1979. Now I like RV and thought Jeff Ward was one of the best ever, dont hold it against the rider. I still say RJ and Wardy would show these new guys a thing or 2 if on equal equipment, tracks, and all in the prime of careers. I am a Honda fan first and fore most.


2/23/2012 9:26 PM

it used to when i was younger but as i grew older and became [somewhat] wiser i learned to appreciate the riders for who they are as athletes and humans

i was probably more of a dungey fan when he was on suzukis but regardless of what he rides, i appreciate the fact that he is a clean cut guy who is from a working class family and wouldn't do anything to disrespect the sport of motocross and that he is super talented and a hard worker. he is pretty quiet and robotic in his interviews and im sure he is a normal down to earth guy in real life but maybe hes just alittle shy and not into all the glitz and glam...he wasn't raised like that.

Dungey doesn't have blistering speed but he never crashes.

I wasn't a JS7 fan till this year to be honest..dudes the under dog now and im pulling for him.



2/23/2012 9:47 PM

Brand does not matter to me. I am a fan of the riders, all the brands are equal to me.


Go Hawks!

2/23/2012 9:51 PM

I just got dizzy and passed out the fuck out of my flip flops and reserve the right to say nothing and still not go out on a limb but I wont bet on it and I pay all my bet's except for the ones where it was a technicality.


2/23/2012 11:20 PM

I grew up during the Works HRC Honda era so I am partial to Honda. However, that manfacturer stuck a giant dagger in two strokes so my love for it dropped significantly.