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8/20/2017 7:38 AM

Anyone who has DishTV, chime in here. For the last couple months, hell even back to the last couple SX races, my DVR has refused to record my racing. I originally had the timer set to record all NEW races, but they weren't being recorded, so I changed it to record ALL motocross events. I've noticed sometimes that the program guide will change the program name just a little which will throw off the recording, but lately I've double checked the title on the program guide, the times, descriptions, etc, and still it doesn't record. I have had to specifically go to each event and force it to record. This has only happened with my MX, SX, and MXGP stuff. All of our regular weekly programming still gets recorded without issue. I'm thinking it's a conspiracy. Anyone else having this issue. Thank god for NBC Gold. Still I would like to see some of the MXGP stuff, that's been pretty damn good racing this year.


8/20/2017 7:55 AM

Yes. Exact same problems. Have not figured it out. They changed the format and all the icons too which doesn't help.



8/20/2017 9:07 AM

I just thought it was me. about ready to throw DISH out


8/20/2017 9:15 AM

Mine rarely records the GP races. Sometimes even if I go to the race a few hours before and hit record it will still not record. It's maddening. angry


8/20/2017 10:42 AM

Probably has something to do with them switching metadata companies (gracenote to tivo) this summer.


8/20/2017 11:40 AM

Same here.

I did a search for "motocross" and then recorded all the racing that showed up. That seems to have helped.


8/20/2017 11:44 AM

I've had the same problem. It used to be because they kept switching the name in the guide. Now I just use NBC Sports gold. I'm so fed up with Dish. They have changed the packages numerous times, some how I lost CBS Sports and don't get MXGP now. I didn't want to call and blow a blood vessel. I'll cancel it soon.


8/20/2017 12:53 PM

After setting mine correctly it was still skipping events. Luckily I was always checking before it was supposed to record. Now I just manually set mine a day before the race. It's a hassle but I never miss a race that way.


8/20/2017 1:53 PM

I'm having the same trouble also. Actually just yesterday morning I deleted all my old timers and set up new ones just to see if that would fix it, nope.

I verified that the 250 second Moto show on nbc sports was setup to record at 6pm Central time before I left for work last night. I get home this morning and I got nothing!!! Ugh!!!


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8/20/2017 2:10 PM

Same problem here. Hasn’t been recording all summer but I haven’t cared since I’m watching via NBC Gold. It was very annoying during SX though. We’ll see what happens in January. Probably delete the timers and start fresh and see if that fixes it. It’s definitely lame.


8/20/2017 2:34 PM

Same, ready to drop dish just haven't had time to go thru the switching carriers fiasco