Difference between Troy Lee Adidas & SE Pro?

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1/4/2019 8:53 PM

For those Troy Lee lovers out there, what’s the difference besides colorways? And how do either of the aforementioned compare to Fox’s Flexair stuff? And I’ve read reviews that if you wear for instance a 34” pant, to order 36” in Troy Lee pants.



1/5/2019 10:16 AM

Can't speak about the other brand you mentioned, but main difference on SE PRO and TLD/ADIDAS ULTRA on the pants are:
• different waist enclosure on the Ultra....2 button slim snaps on Ultra vs the SE PRO with a classic moto ratchet, and the ULTRA has side micro adjusters. The ULTRA is more similar to a premium mountain bike short/pant waist adjustment, your gonna have a little less bulk in the front of the waist on ULTRA.

• More laser cut precision ventilation on ULTRA vs SE PRO, mostly in the lower legs, when your pants are tucked into the boots, more cooling with the ULTRA

• construction is a bit more advanced on the ULTRA, taped seams, a bit more articulation on ULTRA

• that baby soft, yet durable lambskin leather on the knees with ULTRA

As for Jerseys, the differences between the two are not as drastic as the pant, a bit more laser cut ventilation on ULTRA than SE PRO, and the high end silicone logo hits on ULTRA give it a more premium look and feel.

I run the bicycle division for Troy, so, while I don't know our MX line inside and out, I know we are going to launch a Bicycle version of ULTRA in March too.