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ga_pike ga_pike
8/27/2018 12:52 PM

The Chad Reed situation has me reminded of Bob Hannah near the end of his career. Wouldn't it be cool if Chad could land a "development" type ride where he helps to develop the next Suzuki 450 bike AND gets to compete in select events (be it SX, MX, both, whatever). I feel like his input would be beneficial to Suzuki and JGR and Chad would get a steady paycheck. Would be even cooler if Suzuki could get an exemption for him to ride a non-production bike in order to test new technology for the future.

I think there might be a couple other guys who could fill this role for some other teams as well... maybe a transition type position between full time racer and brand ambassador.

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mattyhamz2 mattyhamz2
8/27/2018 12:55 PM

I've heard Chad is a great tester, so I think that could really benefit Suzuki and JGR to have Chad do something like that. I hope they keep him for next year in SX

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Johnny Depp Johnny Depp
8/27/2018 1:46 PM

Isn't that kinda what all Factory Pro rider's do? Not with a prototype bike of course, but all week they test different parts and setups to see what works best.

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m121c m121c
8/27/2018 2:11 PM

Obviously he isn’t that good, his bike setup is why hes lost the championship how many years in a row.

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Dirty Points Dirty Points
8/27/2018 2:18 PM

For that to happen, Chad would have to be riding a bike he didn't like pretty often. The tech exposed to development riders is often half-baked and may underperform versus established parts.

He needs to accept and try to improve it, rather than just calling it junk.

That doesn't seem to be in line with his traditional approach. Yes, he is straight-forward. Yes he knows bikes and setups. But does he have the patience and humility to refine a product at cost of his performance?

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Phillip_Lamb Phillip_Lamb
8/27/2018 2:29 PM

i think something like what Kevin windham had at the end with honda would suit chad really well.

Bring him on as a test/racer with an emphasis on testing and let him pick and choose a number of sx races and outdoor races to compete it.

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kage173 kage173
8/28/2018 5:30 AM
m121c wrote:

Obviously he isn’t that ...more

Well played sir

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mx_phreek mx_phreek
8/28/2018 5:34 AM
m121c wrote:

Obviously he isn’t that ...more


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