My Dallas Supercross Report

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2/17/2013 12:17 AM

Dallas Supercross Report


The track gave me a bad first impression, and I pretty much carried that same opinion throughout the whole day/night. It seemed very one lined/ hard packed (not that they can really fix that) and just flat out scared me. The whoops were a real nail biter (especially in the C practices - yikes). It really is cool to watch how much smoother and faster the top guys are in a technical whoop section compared to some of the slower riders.
The rhythm section before the triple on the side of the track was so sketchy. There was this wheel tap thing just before the triple where everyone got sideways at least once. I don't know how many times I yelled out because I thought that someone was going to whisky throttle from there off the triple and into Jerry Jones' Ultra-Mega-Jumbotron thing. One of the first things that I said upon seeing the track was that the start was going to cause mayhem. I can't give a solid reason why, I just had that feeling. The bowl turns rutted up quickly, but they seemed to pack them in harder for the night show, as they didn't rut up quite as badly then. There was blue groove hard pack everywhere, especially jump faces.

The first guy that caught my eye in the 250 A group was Musquin. He looked silky smooth. Dean looked (and obviously was) fast, but not as nice to watch as the Frenchman. I saw Chad walk over and talk to Wilson after the 250 A practice. Probably just getting some pointers and whatnot. I'm not going to ramble on too much about the top 450 guys, but Millsaps just looks like "one of the guys", and at this point, he really is THE guy. On to the 250 C group. #684 in that group was a big boy. I don't believe he made the night show. He really looked like he didn't belong out there, but hey, I'm all for a big guy doing his thing. Rookie Mitchell Oldenburg, #248, was fastest in the final C practice, but he looked pretty dang sketchy. He's a local around here; his family owns and runs the popular Oak Hill Raceway in Decatur about an hour north of D/FW. Track maintenance saw changes to the section after the whoops before the last practice. Dean Wilson was the first person I saw trying the option to double out of the turn. Marvin followed. Definitely faster. Double, triple step-on, step-on, step-off.
The 450 guys started to get it down. Goerke was the third guy that I saw jump it. He has been great this year.The turn before that section was getting slick, lot of guys were tucking their front end. The traction seemed to improve for the night show, even though it was still very slippery.
Chad and Brayton were somehow able to get enough "oomph" to triple-triple the section that everyone else is wheel tapping. Looked faster, but most guys stuck to wheel tapping. Blose and Partridge battled it out in the final B practice. Partridge destroys the whoops. Both guys looked great. Blose consistently threw down fast laps. Kyle Partridge is riding a big wheel Honda 150, at least it looks like it. Speaking of minis, the little guys in the KJSC were having a healthy dosage of whoop section carnage in their practice. A couple of the kids were doubling clean (one named Matt Leblanc - who knew?) where Stewart crashed in his first qualifying practice. A kid with the #7 crashed on the first lap. Maybe it's the number's fault?

Night show

Can't get much more 'Murica than the intro to the opening ceremonies. I found a couple of the rider intros entertaining, especially Chad's rebuilding into "the 22 million dollar man" and Villopoto being made out to look like the Terminator. K-dub is just a boss. There is no other way to say it. His transfer wasn't crazy big, but he definitely had to thread the needle.

250 heat 1:
Gavin Faith comes out of nowhere to lead the heat early. He had looked good in practice, but it was still shocking. Musquin was trying hard for an angle, but couldn't get it done. While this was going on, Wil Hahn had caught up and was able to pass Musquin He then got into it a little bit with Faith. That was when the "New Crafty Frenchman" made a move on both at once, but Faith was able to rebound and retake the lead. Wilbur, however, crashed before the whoops. He managed to remount quickly and finish in the top five. New Englander Jimmy D tok third and Cole "Oh Canada" Thompson took fourth. Faith on the podium said that he can't thank his friends and family. No "enough", just he can't thank them. In all honesty, I'm sure he was just super excited to be up on the podium. Good for him. Seems like a nice, hard working, low-key guy.

250 heat 2:

Zach Bell hole shots, but a big first turn pile up claims Wharton and Wilson. Wilson sliced through the pack like a knife through warm butter. Zach then has his tremendously terrifying get-off. I know that everyone thinks that he was knocked out, but it really din't seem like it in person. I saw Speed's footage of the crash, and it honestly looked worse than it did to me in person. Still, as I said before, tremendously terrifying. The red flag followed pretty much immediately, calling for the staggered restart. We never saw these until last year, and it now seems like a common thing.I believe this was the third time that it was used. No one wants to see a red flag, (except some of the idiotic drunk "bros" with 17 $8.50 bottles of Coors light in them before the gate drops on the first heat race), but a staggered restart is probably the most fair way to deal with it. Wilson takes the win convincingly, and Blake Wharton throws away his transfer sport of the face of the finish line with Steven "Scuba" Clarke. I think that live timing showed them both qualifying, as the transponders read at the bottom of the jump, but they did a "visual override" and had to send Blake to the LCQ. I bet he was second guessing that #13 for a little bit.

450 heat 1:

This heat was all about Stewart and Villopoto mano a mano. It was an interesting battle. Villopoto had a slight bobble that allowed Stew to strike and take the win. Weston Peick rode extremely well to hold off Chad. Peick, as Matthes says, is a nihilist. Canard barely sneaks it in in ninth.

450 heat 2:

Alessi hole shots, which he really hasn't done that much of lately. Millsaps passed Alessi in *shocker* the whoops! Millsaps looks smoother than silk. Dungey got around Alessi and rode pretty well. Alessi did ride well, I just can't help myself from making fun of him sometimes. He seems to have gotten a little better in the whoops if I'm being honest. Barcia had an incident in the second turn, and then had another mishap at some point. He went on to the LCQ.

The KJSC was awesome, but the podium interviews were the most entertaining part. The lady asks, "Is there anyone you hope is watching you out there?" Matt Leblanc replies, "No."

250 LCQ:

Wharton did exactly what he needed to do, pull the holeshot and ride clean. Zach Bell is controversially allowed to race the LCQ (he did pass the Asterisk concussion/consciousness test), but proves he's not completely out of it by pulling through and taking the last qualifying spot.

450 LCQ:

Barcia also does exactly what he needed to do. I saw Chris Blose in fourth early and thought that his hopes might be shot down, but he proved his merits and clawed his way up to the second-place spot, passing teammate "Filthy" Phil Nicoletti in the process. Poor Phil. At least he didn't end up on the ground.
Main Events


Kyle Peters pulls the holeshot with Wilson in tow. The first turn pretty much decided the race in my opinion. Musquin went down, and I feel like he was the only guy that might have been able to keep up with Dean. Blake "Slash" Wharton pulled a top three start coming from the LCQ. There was a "who is that?" battle going on for the podium spot for a good while. Had to check my number cheat sheet a couple of times. Cole Thompson and Kyle Peters were duking it out, but Wil Hahn made his way through the pack to take the final spot on the podium. It really is astonishing to watch how many people leave their seats after this race and don't come back. Funny stuff. Always happens.


Jimmy Albertson pulls a sick air wheelie over the finish on the parade lap. In other parade lap news, Stewart's bike has mysterious clutch issues. He gets interviewed and says "the clutch broke" but doesn't blame anyone or sound angry. I've been pleasantly surprised with his ability to hide his frustration this season. You know he has to be pissed. Millsaps continues his streak of good starts with - barely - a holeshot. His starts have really been his saving grace. Villopoto took the lead pretty much checked out. He sprinted to get a gap and maintained it. Reedy took up second, but looked to be running a slightly slower pace than Davi. Dungey lurked behind the two like he expected something to happen. Millsaps finally made the pass, but Reed hung on to his tail for a while. Dungey stalked Chad for a good period of time and made the pass. He started reeling in Davi ever-so-slightly, but he wasn't able to force the issue. Villo had a convincing win, Davi had another solid finish in second, and the Dunge did what he does to get third. I'm sure Chad was disappointed with his result, but fourth place is nothing to be bummed about. Brayton rode a great race to finish fifth. Barcia had a so-so rebound from his LCQ win to get sixth. Trey got a terrible start and wasn't able to move through the pack too well, finishing seventh. The track was very hard to pass on, though, so he did fairly well considering that. I think he's having some mental issues that we aren't all keen to. I hope he turns the ship around soon. It's hard to to root for the guy. Goerke and Short are the last guys I'll talk about. They finished eighth and ninth, respectively. Beef Goerke is for real! Short didn't do too poorly considering his situation. Looks like he'll be joining Goerke on the BTO Sports KTM team now. Hope that works out well.
If you were looking at Davi's results without seeing his name, you would probably guess that he was Dungey from looking at his consistency. He really is the Magic Man this year. If he keeps doing the exact same thing, he's going to be extremely tough to beat. RV2 is quietly building a solid win record in the city of Dallas. Dean-o is obviously the man to beat in his series. 'Twas was a pretty interesting night at Jerry World.


2/17/2013 1:22 AM

It was cold af in there. Those idiots should have closed the top way sooner. Everyone around me was freezing and asking who they could tell to close the top... Good thing I had a jacket


2/17/2013 8:13 AM

It definitely seemed a bit chilly. I had a jacket on as well, so it wasn't too bad.


2/17/2013 8:18 AM

Good job. High 5. How full was the place ?Photo


2/17/2013 9:43 AM

Thanks Rup! I would guesstimate about 50,000. Seemed pretty crowded.