Dakota kessler

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3/3/2015 3:37 PM

Heard he had a bad crash and is in the hospital, maybe someone else can shed some light. It would be cool to set up a go fund me or paypal. Is one easier or better than the other? Get better soon bro.


3/3/2015 4:11 PM

maybe joey peters mom, I know their good friends, I know Dakota is really banged up, I don't know how but if someone who does know how maybe they can set up one of those donation accounts to help with his bills, a great kid that comes from an amazing family!


3/3/2015 4:20 PM

Koty got home today. He is pretty banged up but doing ok all things considered. I'm going to go visit him tomorrow - I will see if he has a PayPal or thought of setting up a go fund me account.