Crusty Dirt Demons?

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10/7/2010 8:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/7/2010 8:40 PM

i considered this for non-moto, but if Bubbas World makes Moto.

I dont watch much tv and just caught the end of an episode of Crusty Dirt Demons.Has anyone watched this show? Seemed a little cheeseball to me. Any thoughts? also noticed a silly season link on Fuel tv site called movers and shakers.... seems Fuel Tv is getting more Moto . .............

10/8/2010 3:13 AM

It's an old show, it used to be on MTV2 or something 5 years ago. Fuel must have just picked it up.

Epstein Barr is a form of the Herpes Virus.

10/8/2010 6:08 AM

It debuted on Fuel in 2007.
Yes its terrible.

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10/8/2010 6:44 AM

theyre a bunch of clowns, and i cant believe some respectable riders took part in that show

10/8/2010 6:50 AM

As bad as it was it was still better than 90% of other programming on TV just because they rode dirt bikes



10/8/2010 8:46 AM

I just laugh at how stupid Highland and his "types" make each other look. "You wanna be got to start breakin shit".... Yes, and be one chromosone away from fucktarded!!