Crf 450r 2006

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2/6/2019 6:48 PM

Hi I just had my mechanic recently put a new cylinder and piston bike stared firing perfect. And by the time I was about to put 10 hours on my bike my spark plug broke inside my motor. I am trying to figure out why would this have happened.


2/6/2019 6:56 PM

Where did the plug break at? Are your sure it was the correct plug size? I only ask that because once I redid a jr50 and purchased what I was told was the correct plug, but didn't check or compare to the plug I pulled out. Luckily before trying to kick it to hell to start it I gently rolled into it once and it felt odd, pulled the plug and it was too long. Just throwing it ideas I guess.


2/6/2019 7:03 PM

It broke on the bottom tip of it firing point and fell to n the piston and know there’s just bite marked on the piston and idk my mechanic was the one who put the plug but I am guessing either was to long becouse I have him saying it was the valves that gave up and I am just like ??‍♂️


2/6/2019 7:23 PM

Was the bike pinging or knocking?
Did you add fuel additives?
Is the plug platinum?
Did you gap the plug?
Have the threads been repaired?