Could this work for moto as well

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4/4/2018 11:08 AM

Seems like a great opportunity for all involved if cooperation could be met.


4/4/2018 11:37 AM

With all the live or close to live coverage we have now, it would almost seem like a step backwards. No more seeing the races on TV at sports bars or in public.


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4/5/2018 7:50 AM

Feld needs a ufc fight pass type service where you can watch all the previous supercross/arenacross/endurocross etc events in high def(or otherwise very good) quality, and just have the current sx/ax series on a 2 week tape delay or something. It's money left on the table. This sets them up to get a user base for when the TV model starts drying out(which is inevitable once live sports are streamed..why else watch cable?) they'll be able to switch to this format and have paying customers already. They could also start putting out original content to help fans get more acquainted with the racers and what not.

Outdoors should already just be streamed online. Nobody has whatever channel it's on. Plus it'd be fun to watch vintage mx with 'better than vcr rip' quality. They could potentially put GNCC and other non feld promoted events on the channel to draw more interest.

$10/mo for each.