Cone Valve AER48 fork, anyone else than me with 20-40h experience?

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7/26/2017 5:20 AM

Fork works really good. Found good settings for all different tracks.
Have a specific problem with air pressure however. Anyone else that has put some hours on them yet?


7/26/2017 7:58 AM

I'll be interested to hear the input from people on these. I opted to go with the spring cone valves, as it appears most others do as well. What specific problem with air pressure are you having? Since you mentioned you found good settings at all different tracks, I would assume that means you have the air pressure variable dialed in to your liking. Is your issue air pressure variation throughout the day? If so, that's common as air temperature rise it will increase the pressure in your forks. Fixed by checking your pressure again and re-baselining to your preferred pressure. But all of that is a lot of speculation until you expand on what problem you are having.


7/26/2017 8:14 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/26/2017 8:16 AM

Edited and removed.

I'm an idiot: I thought this was about AER production forks.

My bad.


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