Cody Gilmore retires from professional racing

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12/17/2017 10:07 AM


Don't think it's been posted here yet but Cody announced he has retired. Look up to him growing up around the Iowa Nebraska area. Hard not to be a fan considering what he has gone through in life. If you have ever met him you would know he is a pretty rad dude. Runs a series called The Best of the Midwest in the summer that is 7 rounds 7 tracks across Iowa Nebraska Missouri and Kansas. The guy lives for dirtbikes. Good luck in future CG374

12/17/2017 10:20 AM

That’s a bummer. I always liked rooting for him as a underdog and enjoyed watching him. That crash on the start was gnarly. Can’t blame him for retiring now. Cheers CG!


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12/17/2017 11:01 AM

We'll be seeing you at your "Best of the Midwest MX Series", so it's all good.


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12/17/2017 11:17 AM

Damn ... one of the midwest riders I always kept an eye on and pulled for.
Remember him on 85's, he was pinned everywhere!
Hope you have great success in everything you put in front of yourself.


12/17/2017 1:27 PM

I’ve traveled with him to the races the last 5 years or so. We’ve had a blast on the weekly. The Big crashes and injuries took a toll. But he still wants to go to the races and is looking for a gig, so if anyone knows of anything, let one of us know.


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12/17/2017 7:05 PM

Congratulations to him and all that he accomplished. It was fun to cheer him on, especially after the comeback.


12/17/2017 7:09 PM

Wasn’t he kawasaki guy?


12/17/2017 9:43 PM

kkawboy14 wrote:

Wasn’t he kawasaki guy?

Team Green kid his whole amateur career and rode Kawis most of his professional career through Yankton Motorsports out of South Dakota. One of the last guys who raced a two stroke in SX and also one of the last guys left who has experience riding both classes on the same night. While accomplishments on the track are quite impressive, ask around the pits and it'll be tough to find too many people who have met Cody and don't love him. Somehow he was able to go to the gate at the highest level and do pretty well while really keeping it fun and not forgetting why we all started doing this in the first place.

As DD said above, I know Cody would love to find something that puts him at the races every weekend. Traveling and seeing his MX family every weekend is what kept Cody going these past few years, it isn't a secret privateers aren't exactly killing it financially. He's one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet, is great with dealing with people, and handling his program mostly on his own for years should show work ethic isn't an issue. I know during the week last year between SX rounds he was working at Race Tech and did a great job, enough that the door is open for him for a job if he ever wants it.


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12/18/2017 1:12 AM

Being from Iowa, born in Ft Dodge, I have rooted for Brayton, Teddy Maier, Gavin Faith, & of course Cody.
Even Chad Pedersen from back in the day.
I know Cody is living in NE now, but has roots in District 22 racing.
I'm going to really miss 374 on the line. Some of his LCQ SX races this past few years have been highlight reels too.
Wish you the best Cody