Clutch not engaging

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2/10/2018 7:48 PM

Forgive me if it's silly, I feel it might be... Nonetheless... I have changed the gear shift shaft and put the clutch together. Currently there's no engine oil or radiator fluid, but these are the only two things I need to add before starting the bike. However, when I wanted to shift the gears, I could do that but the clutch did not engage (i.e. when in gear and a clutch lever is pressed, the clutch is not engaged). Is that ok and when I fill in the engine oil, will the clutch engage?


2/10/2018 8:19 PM

Does the lever have pressure? like you can feel and hear the springs being engaged in the clutch?


2/10/2018 8:52 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/10/2018 8:56 PM

The lever feels somewhat weaker (could be just an impression since I can hear springs engaging); obviously there's oil in the wire - I should have mentioned its a hydraulic clutch, ktm 250sxf 2013.


2/10/2018 9:24 PM

Have you bled the clutch master cylinder?


2/10/2018 10:31 PM

No I didn’t. The system was closed. It should be (is) hydraulically pressurized.