Chest Protector with shoulder coverage

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11/10/2017 9:57 AM

I was just wondering what is the best chest protector that has shoulder coverage? I just recently had a crash where I seperated my AC joint. I don’t want it to happen again and miss more work. Thanks in advance



11/10/2017 10:22 AM

Truthfully chest protectors do not do much for shoulder protection. Even the ones with huge shoulder cups. That is partially the reason why the majority of companies have gone away from using those on their product lines.

The best thing on the market for actual joint stability and protection on the shoulder ligaments is the shoulder braces that companies like Leatt and EVS sell.


11/10/2017 10:50 AM

If it helps, I did a little test on the A-Star A10.


11/10/2017 10:54 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/10/2017 10:55 AM

I remember situations where big cups kept my shoulder from getting wrecked inside and out


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11/10/2017 11:32 AM

I use this by Leatt. Provides tons of protection for shoulders almost hockey pad coverage. Also small enough to fit under my jersey, and freely move around.



11/10/2017 12:08 PM

HRP flak jak bro!


11/10/2017 2:38 PM

wasummer46 wrote:

I use this by Leatt. Provides tons of protection for shoulders almost hockey pad coverage. Also small enough to fit under my ...more

I just picked one of those up.
Haven’t worn it yet.
I bought it for the shoulder protection, but was thinking of using it more in the woods, where there are trees.
I’ve got a more lightweight Leatt that I’ve been using, and might still use for MX.


11/10/2017 3:47 PM

HRP all the way


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11/10/2017 4:22 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/10/2017 4:32 PM
I've been using this for 3 years, really like it. Separated my left ac (grade 3) twice years ago, once on skis, once on moto. So I like having my shoulders covered also.

Sits snug to the body and stays in place unlike rigid hard plastic protectors of the past.

I wear it for downhill MTB also. Have some scratches and gouges on both shoulders of the chest protector proving it saved me from abuse.

Shoulder protection isn't trendy now. Pros wear under jersey or shoulder less protectors so that is what the consumer tends to follow, always will.

People get mixed up between shoulder separation (clavicle/scapula) and dislocation (humerus/scapula). But yes I think my TLD protector does help protect against seperation.


11/10/2017 4:49 PM

I attribute not having busted shoulders from wearing body armour with suspended shoulder cups like Fox and HRP used. Had both and definitely moved some dirt with my shoulders in more than one crash. Protection ain't cool though


11/10/2017 5:18 PM

I use this, all made by RXR.
The shoulder and elbow vest, is separate from the body protection. It's a good set up.


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