Chase Sexton

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2/11/2018 6:52 PM

The kid is consistently getting top 5 and podium with seasoned pros like plessinger savatgy and ac92 in his rookie year he has talent


2/11/2018 6:58 PM



2/11/2018 7:15 PM

Yep, happy for him and look fwd to watching him ride for years to come.


2/11/2018 7:27 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/11/2018 7:28 PM

I've been very impressed with his composure and his whoop speed. I think once he improves just a tiny bit more in the corners and rhythms and stringing it all together for 15 minutes, he wins a race. But considering most rookies struggle in the whoops, he's already cleared the biggest hurdle. His rookie season so far is eclipsing Forkner's. I could see Sexton being better at SX and Forkner being more of an outdoor guy.


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2/11/2018 8:21 PM

Good spirited kid, soft spoken and appears humble. Give him two more years without injuries and he'll be lighting up his share of candle's. Probably better at golf than AC also.


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