Charlotte MXGP Ticket Pack Options

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8/2/2016 11:36 PM

I was searching around about tickets to the MXGP here in Charlotte in about a month, and found out about two ticket packs. One ticket pack includes spectating both Friday night qualifying races and the motos Saturday night along with paddock passes both days. The second pack is much more interesting because you get both days of racing, but instead of paddock passes, you get to ride the track for practice on Sunday, but the catch is, there is no paddock pass. Kinda strange that you have to choose between the two, but I'm sure you can add either practice or paddock to your price if you have the extra money. I'm curious what everybody else's thoughts are, or maybe someone knows something I don't!


8/3/2016 7:22 AM

You are correct about either a paddock pass or Sunday ride day.

You can purchase a Sunday ride day pass separately of course in advance or at the event. There will be a cut off on the total riders so it doesn't get too crowded. The intention is quality time on the track not selling the max entries to the ride day.

Sunday should be a great day and there may be some cool surprises for Sunday.

There is also a vintage class for Sunday ride. .


8/3/2016 7:52 AM

My question is if you can ride the Vintage Group and also with a second group on the modern bikes? As far as pit pass, its $20 bucks a day if you choose the ride day package...


8/4/2016 7:33 PM

Anyone else planning to ride? I'm ordering my tickets tomorrow.