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ryankapoor ryankapoor
10/15/2018 3:11 AM

Hey KTM,

I have a 2014 500 exc with almost 9k miles. My chain guard and slider are absolutely destroyed. Is this common with a bike with this amount of mileage? I dont really see anyone talking about have to replace these. Do they have some that are more durable?

Also, on a side note. I have a strange vibration when I ride on the highway. It's like every 1 second it's a vibration that last about a second. Very continuous. Could it be my stock rim is not true anymore? I noticed my front tire has a very weird tire wear on it. But it doesnt explain the strange on 1 second off 1 second vibration I get that shakes through the whole bike.

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Yzf916 Yzf916
10/15/2018 4:42 PM

I've got over 100hrs on original one on 2014 450sxf. As does my sons 350sxf. Not near needing replacement. Don't know how 100hrs translates to miles in your case.

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Tryhard Tryhard
10/15/2018 5:28 PM

Just compare average mph / kph to the amount of miles . 9000 miles is well over 100 hours if not twice that depending on the type of riding done. Yes , it is normal especially if you do quite a bit of road riding .

2018 crf 250r

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hyler199 hyler199
10/15/2018 6:34 PM
ryankapoor wrote:

Hey KTM,

I have a 2014 ...more

i think i watched a video once before on the "ktm husky" youtube page. Yes i do believe his username is that generic haha.

he modifies / makes stock ktms and huskys run better with little tips and tricks. Anyways the video im talking about he had a weight that balanced the rim as the placement of the two nipples on the rim is close in proximity instead of directly opposite of each other.

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