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One-Hander One-Hander
8/21/2018 5:20 AM

Realized he is only 22. And I think he could score points next year for sure. If he keeps healthy I suspect halfway through the season he might get a fill in spot. Dude has skills.


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Electro21 Electro21
8/21/2018 6:40 AM
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Kx125rider Kx125rider
8/21/2018 7:12 AM

But he doesn’t want a fill in ride he just wants to have fun racing his 2 stroke....

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Kanewel433 Kanewel433
8/21/2018 7:53 AM

Off to the dumbgeon

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JustMX JustMX
8/21/2018 9:26 AM

Textitis breaking out on vital.

A basic writing class will clear it up and the only side affect is looking more intelligent.

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