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5/15/2019 2:56 AM

I know it's a bit early but I like to plan things out well ahead of time. In January of 2020 a few of my moto friends and I will be loading up the RV and trailer and heading to A1, we will be in the area for 2 weeks and would like to ride some of the tracks we always read and hear about out there. Glen Helen, Pala (Fox) and Cahuilla Creek are on the list but any other suggestions? Any recommendations for RV parks or camping in general? I figured some of you that live out that way would be the most insightful. Thanks in advance!


5/15/2019 6:40 AM

LACR track my friend is not to be missed, enjoy your trip


5/15/2019 6:46 AM

I second LACR. It’s always one of our stops for A1 weekend and possibly my all time favorite. Milestone is also a good consideration if you are looking in the greater LA area.


5/15/2019 6:48 AM

Perris is 'good' too.


5/15/2019 7:05 AM

We have been riding LACR and Milestone and they both offer well thought out main and Vet tracks, they are worth the drive from Vegas for me!


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5/15/2019 7:33 AM

LACR and of course ride Perris


5/15/2019 7:45 AM

ob wrote:

LACR and of course ride Perris

I’d definitely add these 2 to your list!


5/15/2019 7:47 AM

LACR if you like sand!


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5/15/2019 7:50 AM

I’m lucky to be close to LACR and somewhat close to Cal City MX, which in my opinion are two of the funnest tracks to ride. There are a few good boosters at each track, but they are also somewhat safe. Both tracks have fantastic dirt and the prep is second to none.

But I always enjoy riding other tracks down south as well, any track can start to get boring after it’s ridden too much. I like Milestone, it is also a fun layout and prepped very good these days, but can get pretty crowded. Pala main is also good, when they take the time to prep it well, but the flangers tend to over water the track at times. Cajuilla is one of my favorites, I wished I lived closer....


5/15/2019 8:52 AM

Cahuilla Creek is by far my favorite. Awesome main & vet tracks. Elevation changes, fast section, & fun jumps. It is a little far from L.A. area, but Cahuilla and Pala (Fox Raceway) are close so you can hit both.


5/15/2019 9:00 AM

During your week here if it rains at all (because it does rain in SoCal sometimes in Jan) plan on spending sometime at Cahuilla, its epic a day after the rain. Especially the back natural trails. Not to be missed. Fox is a mess 2 days after a rain, sometimes 3-4 days later if it was a good downpour.... GH is good after a rain also. Don't miss LACR. Barona MX is back open and also a fun track in SD County. Have fun


5/15/2019 9:43 AM

Glen Helen, Pala, LACR, Cahuilla, Perris, and I'd personally try to make it up to Castillo Ranch in Los Olivos.


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5/16/2019 7:12 AM

Obviously LACR is a favorite, clearly.

If you don't mind the drive. Cahuilla or Glen Helen. Pala is great, but I love when a track has softer, loamier dirt as opposed to the hardpack you normally see out here. So I, personally, would say GH or Cahuilla.

I like Cahuilla because it doesn't beat the crap out of you like GH, but the track isn't so advanced that you can't have fun either.

I haven't been to LACR in a while but it's always got a great atmosphere and, at least in my experience, typically has respectful, chill riders on the tracks more so than other venues.


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5/16/2019 7:14 AM
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All the above


5/16/2019 8:09 AM
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5/16/2019 9:02 PM

Cool that you're planning ahead! In addition to your stellar 3 listed, you can realistically hit a large majority of the SoCal tracks; weather, timing, and blisters permitting. Milestone MX and Perris are easy weekday stops, Sunrise 395 is great that time of year in the High Desert, LACR is fun, Castillo is "cool guy" list only but likely accessible through IG, hopefully Prado Raceway in Chino will be open by then?, Barona Oaks to the South, I5 (also known as Gorman with spark arrestors mandatory) to the North, even a desert day like Ocotillo could be on your schedule if there's some rain.

As far as camping and RVing, Vail Lake has good reviews on your journey to Cahuilla, a few tracks allow camping on weekends if you'd like to do double-days or stay a night, and there's probably enough SoCal Vital members with big driveways to keep you out of Walmart lots! Enjoy


5/16/2019 9:05 PM

California?????? Worst place to go


5/17/2019 4:44 AM

Thanks everyone for the information. I'm sure I will have more questions as the time approaches. I will check the sites for each of the tracks and we'll plan as a group which ones we will hit up. Sounds like LACR is a must. I know a couple guys want to check out some of the shops as well, like PC, TLD, and Chaparral. We will be starting at A1 for the opener then going from there. I thought I read somewhere that Angels Stadium does not allow RV's to park in the parking lot anymore, anyone know if this is in fact true?


5/17/2019 7:15 AM

If you’re not partial to prepped tracks there are endless badass trails if you stage at silver wood lake


5/18/2019 7:06 AM

Did Club Moto ever start building real landings for their jumps? I tried to give that place my business for years but I always ended up driving home with a major headache.

I absolutely love sand tracks so MMX and E Street are on my short list for Nor Cal. MMX for when I’m getting my feet wet after winter and then E St when I put my big boy pants on.