Cairoli on Herlings

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6/17/2018 5:48 AM

Antonio Cairoli is a very smart motocross rider, pushing his limits, but seemingly not daring to go beyond those limits. In battle with current red plate owner in the MXGP class, those limits can’t be reached as the Dutchman has been too good, but now in injury, the Italian is looking like he is the winner in the whole 2018 battle.

Of course the outcome of the 2018 MXGP championship is just at the half way mark, and Herlings will be coming back to try and grab his first 450 championship. I wouldn't bet against either man at this stage, and that is what makes this years MXGP championship so amazing.

David Bulmer caught up with him and asked him about those battles and his qualification race win yesterday.

MXlarge: Not the start to the weekend you would have wanted in the Saturday qualification race, but you still showed you had to speed to come through and make a lot of passes.

Cairoli: The start is important, but not too much on this track, but I don’t need to crash twice in the first lap, and this wasn’t going to happen on Sunday. I try and get good points for the championship.

MXlarge: It is a track that is good for making different lines and then you are able to pass.

Cairoli: Yes, of course, that is nice about a track like this. Track like this, or Argentina, you can really come through the pack with technique and stay out of trouble and some tracks you really need to make contact to pass, so I like tracks like this one. I also like the hot weather, because for some riders it isn’t common for them, and I really like the hot weather. My condition is good.

MXlarge: Obviously we got the news this week that Jeffrey injured himself. How do you see that, maybe disappointed because you both prove to improve your levels against each other, but it does open the door for you a little?

Cairoli: I know, one thing for sure, the level we were racing is on the limit, and even in training you need to push a lot, really hard. It could happen to him, it could happen to me. When you push so hard like this, it is easy to make a small mistake that can cost you an injury. We look forward for myself, stay away from injury and be consistent all season and build a better condition. What I see I miss some laps at the end of the moto with consistency and that is what I am building for.

MXlarge: You mentioned in the press conference that you don’t think about the championship, but does this make you think more, like an advantage now?

Cairoli: I mean it is a good opportunity to come closer in the points, that is clear, but I mean, I like to fight with him, and beat him and that is of course what I am working for. The speed when we are battling is high and we pull a big gap on the rest, doesn’t matter if it is sand or hard pack. I just want to build my speed and be consistent, and what I see I need the last five minutes, when he is strong, I need to work on that and I hope we have more battles in the future.

MXlarge: We head to Indonesia, and I know you like these races. What are you looking forward to?

Cairoli: I like to race far away from home and also the hot weather I like. I hope the tracks are nice, this is a bit scary, because it is so far-away, and we never know what we might get, but I am hoping Youthstream are trying to make a good track for us. I am pretty sure the track will be nice, and we will have good battles.


6/18/2018 5:30 AM

You don't win 9 championships at this level by *just* being quick. You need to add *smart* to the mix.

I know it is impossible, but I'd love to see the guy race for many years to come.


6/18/2018 7:47 AM

Man if this guy is definitely gonna be considered the goat if he gets this championship


6/18/2018 7:52 AM

Kyle_McNab wrote:

Man if this guy is definitely gonna be considered the goat if he gets this championship

His performance this year has given him that title in my opinion. Was always a big Everts fan but the way Cairoli has upped his game at this point in his career is incredible (take Herlings out of the equation and he is dominating the field).


6/18/2018 7:56 AM

estebanglas wrote:

You don't win 9 championships at this level by *just* being quick. You need to add *smart* to the mix.

I know it is ...more

With the sheer number of World Championships Cairoli has won, and the fact that he's still head and shoulders above any rider out there most races except for Herlings...I don't think it's impossible that he might be good for another championship or two. Even if Herlings comes up to be the one to beat...I think it sounds like he loves that Herlings pushes him to go full out every lap, and if he's still having fun he'll be around awhile.


6/18/2018 8:02 AM

Been a big Cairoli fan for years. Hate to see his competition (Jeffrey) get hurt as he was the only guy on the same level.


The older I get, the faster I was. Posting without a cast on is fun!

6/18/2018 2:07 PM

Cairoli is a legend , rooting for him to get # 10.