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11/14/2017 7:33 PM

"If you could bottle this fragrance and spray this on women there would be world peace".

This person can't be for real... LOL ! Just plain crazy talk. I figured you guys would get a kick out of it like I did.


Speak softly and carry a big stick.

11/14/2017 9:05 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/14/2017 9:06 PM

No George Foreman grill either, lol. Def worth a read. Thanks.


There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

11/14/2017 9:23 PM

Guy should be in advertising


11/14/2017 9:32 PM

I'd take the 1998 one for $850 all day long over that


11/14/2017 9:57 PM

Lol!!! These ads just keep getting better.


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