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alfred1232 alfred1232
9/17/2021 9:30 AM

After reading the recent post about AJ going to pc I did some more digging and it is confirmed Aj will be racing 250 west coast in place of Forkner who is rumored to be let go from the team in the coming weeks. Photo

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Sandusky26 Sandusky26
9/17/2021 9:32 AM

What the fuck is wrong with you

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Mr. Afterbar Mr. Afterbar
9/17/2021 9:35 AM

Nobody is dumb enough to fall for that.

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Boomslang Boomslang
9/17/2021 9:49 AM

So Alfrot signs up today to post that?

Non Gratum Anus Rodentum

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TerryB TerryB
9/17/2021 9:57 AM
Boomslang wrote:

So Alfrot signs up today ...more

It's the offseason, and people are bored. When Bored meets Stupid, you get posters like alfrottage1232. Prepare for more.

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TerryB TerryB
9/17/2021 9:59 AM
Mr. Afterbar wrote:

Nobody is dumb enough to ...more

Oh... yes...yes they are.

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McG194 McG194
9/17/2021 10:00 AM

The best thing about the internet is that it gives everyone a voice.

The worst thing about the internet is that it gives everyone a voice.

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PNWRider PNWRider
9/23/2021 8:31 AM
alfred1232 wrote:

After reading the recent ...more

Next time you want to post BS about who’s going where, you might at least study enough history to know that Mitch doesn’t tell anyone (including his riders) which coast they’ll be racing until the last possible moments.

That’s hardly the only issue with your post, but it’s the most telling. As Mr Know It All used to say, “you truly should’ve known”…

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