Bring on the excuses.

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10/7/2018 2:12 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/7/2018 2:14 PM

So there have been a couple of us "euro trash" who have tried to explain to a bunch of really naive americans on here that the americans doesnt stand a chance if it is wet or a mudder and that AP23 isnt even close to as well balanced and skilled as prado and some other of the "euro trash" mx2 riders out there and have more or less been called morons for seeing what some of the US fans refuse to see and because we all know that its gonna be a shitshow now with all the excuses in the world and a lot of bullshit from now on (even tho there shouldnt be possible for anyone to excuse the best team US have had since 07 getting slaughtered on Home soil on a track they just raced) so i thought it would be better if you just write your excuses and bs in here instead for spreading it all over every mxon/herlings vs tomac/ama vs mxgp/AP vs prado thread there is in here.

And congrats to team france and coldenhoff for having the ride of his life.