Blair's Breakdown: Arlington 2

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3/18/2021 5:36 AM


"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

3/18/2021 8:19 AM

holy ruts lol


3/18/2021 8:21 AM

Really like the Blair's Breakdown segments. Daniel is really has great content and has brand is growing.


3/18/2021 10:05 AM

I could watch three of these per event. Before, during, after. Get some inside bike info in there for the middle one.

Those ruts were treacherous. Swing arm marks, foot peg grooves. Wowzers.


3/18/2021 3:24 PM



Now a member of the Orange brigade

3/18/2021 6:10 PM

Great track breakdown. Blair is really good overall for the broadcast. Very knowledgeable. He's been there, done that. Not a TV gimmick. Get rid of Rut and Screech and give him more air time!!!


3/18/2021 7:49 PM

Blair and Weege in the booth for 2022!


3/19/2021 8:34 AM

Blair is awesome. I look forward to hearing everything he has to say about anything.


3/19/2021 8:48 AM

Amazing perspective. That elevated turn /rut was jaw dropping.

Anybody get a chance to walk a track after the races, do it (even amateur/local stuff).


3/19/2021 10:02 AM

Its like hangin out with a good buddy that was there and knows a lot about our sport!


3/19/2021 5:20 PM

These are always good but that was great.